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Freedom Of Speech: What Is It And What Are The Limits?

Freedom of Speech
Internet law attorney, Aaron Kelly, answers questions about free speech, its limits and the Internet. What do speech, press, religion and petition freedoms afford us? It’s a big question, but in short, the freedoms to speech, press, religion and petition guarantee that each citizen can express themselves safely and openly. It means we can speak up when we disagree with authorities; it means we can practice a religion of our own choosing without fear of persecution; it means that our media is able to report on government mistakes; it means we can gather, and en masse, let our collective voice be heard about things we’re unhappy about. Are There Limits To Freedom Of Speech? There are limits to freedom of speech, and those limits boil down to public safety and honesty. The classic example of unprotected speech is screaming fire ...
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CISPA Explained By Internet Lawyer

shady government laws
Remember the PIPA and SOPA drama? Well, now we have the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act — commonly known as CISPA — yet another attempt to curtail cybercrimes. A proposed amendment to the National Security Act of 1947, CISPA was introduced in October 2011, and like SOPA and PIPA, is currently being tweaked and re-drafted to address public concerns. Someone Explain This CISPA Thing In Plain English D.C. Lawmakers have initiated H.R. 3523, CISPA. Its stated intent is a defense weapon in the battle to prevent cyber attacks against America. Unfortunately, Americans who live in America, don’t qualify for the protection from the American government. What is the bottom CISPA line? Simply put, if the government suspects, or can justify its concerns, for an alleged cyber crime, it can step in, read and interpret your emails and act accordingly. It ...
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Starting A Business In Arizona: Legal Steps

As a child, I stood in awe of the skyscrapers of metal and glass that were home to some of the world’s biggest corporations. Today, I’m equally amazed by the small businesses that drive our nation’s economy. And to support those companies, I started a law firm that helps individuals legally do business in Arizona. The success of a business is rooted in its foundation, and like a tree, a business is only as strong as its roots. So in order to firmly supplant your business in its particular niche, it’s important to understand the different options you have when forming a business. In Arizona there are several choices to consider when starting a new business in Arizona: Limited Liability Companies (LLC) General Partnerships Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) C-Corporations (C-Corp) S-Corporation (S-Corp) Each of these entities have their advantages and ...
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Two Famous Defamation Cases

Defamation Law
Time to talk about a couple of famous defamation cases. First the Internet came, then an increase in defamation lawsuits followed. The anonymity of cyberspace was — and still is — too tempting for some, and mom’s advice about saying nothing if you have nothing nice to say seemed to go the way of rotary phones. Today, most defamation cases involve an online statement, review website, a tweet, or a facebook post. So we thought it would be fun to take a “Wayne’s World” trip, and look back at a couple of famous defamation cases from a pre-tech time. Famous Defamation Case #1: Hamilton v. Cosby, 1733 Back in Ben Franklin’s day, William Cosby served as the British governor of New York. The revolution-ready residents didn’t care for ol’ Bill; probably because he was accused of rigging the 1734 elections ...
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WickedFire Testimonial

Kelly / Warner is the firm to trust for legal advice. They’re one of those few firms that many of the bigger players use but don’t boast about because, well, who wants to give away their best secrets. I trust him and use him.
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Internet Business Lawyer Testimonial

Kelly / Warner is a priceless tool when it comes to Internet and business law needs.  Their know-how and experience in Internet law has given my business the protection it needs to operate in today’s digital world.  I highly recommend Kelly / Warner to anyone in need of Internet business lawyer.
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