Arizona Benefit Corporations: Business Category

Arizona Benefit Corporation Business Category
Arizona has a new type of business category — benefit corporation.

Is your startup equally interested in both doing good and making money? If yes, consider registering your company in Arizona, because Gov. Jan Brewer just signed Senate Bill 1238 into law. The legislation allows for a new business category – benefit corporations.

Arizona Benefit Corporations: Between Profit Corps. And Non-Profits

Arizona’s new business class is perfect for companies interested in being a positive force in their communities, while simultaneously maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Tax Benefits Of Arizona Benefit Corporations

Will Arizona benefit corporations get a tax break? No. In fact, the category is in the same tax bracket as traditional corporations. That said, using the classification may put organizations in a favorable position for certain types of grants and endowments. So, what you may not save in taxes, you may gain via funding avenues traditionally slated for non-profits.

Other Characteristics of the Arizona Benefit Corporation

Other features of the Arizona benefit corporation business category:

  1. Companies that register as a benefit corporation in Arizona must include an update on the group’s “public good initiatives” in their annual report.
  2. Arizona benefit corporations must consider how their operations impact the interests of customers, employees, the community, and their investors. (In a traditional corporation, the investors’ interests are the primary concern.)

Arizona Is A Pioneer Of This New Business Model

Arizona is one of the first states to adopt the benefit corporation business classification. B Lab, “a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems” is working nationally to promote the benefit corporation agenda.

B Lab hopes that marrying the business and charitable worlds will produce the greatest good. They also believe the new benefit corporation business registration will help consumers differentiate between good marketing and genuine good intentions.

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