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floyd landis defamation

Floyd Landis Defamation: Loses Against UCI

Cycling doping scandal resulted in many defamation cases. This was one of them.

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Japan's Online Copyright Law

Click through for a summary of Japan’s online copyright law targeting illegal downloaders.

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defamation damages

Defamation Damages:
A Guide

What damages can plaintiffs collect in a defamation case?

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picture of microphone to accompany blog post explaning the Internet Radio Fairness Act

The Internet Radio Fairness Act: Summary

This is a quick summary of the proposed Internet Radio Fairness Act.

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picture of digital copyright words to accompany a blog post about international Internet law

Panama's Crazy Online Copyright Proposal

Panama once considered an online copyright scheme that had legal watchers scratching their heads.

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Educator v. Educator Defamation Case

Two Connecticut educators are embroiled in a nasty defamation battle.

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Caribbean: Sanction U.S. Over Online Gambling

A Caribbean politician wants to sanction the U.S. for not adhering to an online gambling agreement.

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UK parliament legal news

UK Cyberbullying Issues & Legalities

A UK Parliamentarian wanted to combat cyberbullying by changing the law.

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Case Study: Twitter Copyright Infringement?

Twitter wouldn’t take down a photographer’s images, which compromised his copyrights.

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sports defamation case study: Pacquaio v. Mayweather

Sports Defamation Case: Pacquaio v. Mayweather

Two of the world’s most famous boxers once became entangled in a slander lawsuit.

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copyright law

Dutch Court Says Linking Constitutes Infringement

A Court ruled that linking to Playboy photos constitutes online copyright infringement.

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James Franco Defamation Case

The James Franco Defamation Case Study

Actor James Franco got in a defamation brawl with one of his professors.

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