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online gaming threats

Online Gaming: Chat Threats Lead To Jail

What could happen if you threaten someone during online game-play?

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China's new online marketing Law

China’s New Online Marketing Law

Are you doing business in China? Yes? Take two minutes to read about the country’s new online marketing law.

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Pokemon Go legalities

Pokémon Go Lawsuits & Marketing Tactics

Pokemon Go lawsuits are popping up across the country; let’s discuss the associated legalities.

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Internet Law: Online Review Defamation

A Client Lied About You. Now What?

what to do when a client leaves a bad reviews.

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virus spoofing

Virus Spoofing Can Cost Millions

Virus spoofing flouts current FTC advertising and promotional standards.

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Internet law blog:esports skins trading

Valve Pulls Plug on Skins Trading

What is the future of e-sports skin trading? We’ll discuss Valve’s recent decision to disassociate with certain sites and the legal ramifications after the jump.

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eSports lawyer blog post

Esports Contract Considerations

Click for an introduction to esports contract law and players’ rights issues.

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Internet Law Blog: Yelp Defamation Removal

Must Yelp Remove Defamatory Reviews?

Is Yelp required to remove defamatory reviews? The answer may surprise you.

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ecommerce lawyer blog: shopify and stripe

Shopify and Stripe: Account Issues

Let’s discuss some common issues that arise when using Shopify and Stripe.

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Internet Law blog: esports law and contracts

eSports Law 101: Contract Advantages

Click to read a legal primer on esports contracts.

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Internet Law Blog: Supplement Marketing

Dietary Supplement Law 101

Do you sell or market dietary supplements? If yes, are you sure you know all the rules?

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online intellectual property: 5-hour Energy dietary supplement law case study

Supplement Law: Re-seller Is Counterfeiter

Third-party distributor lost private label counterfeit case.

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