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elton john defamation

Celebrity Libel: Sir Elton v. Rupert Murdoch

Elton John doesn’t suffer reputation attacks. Once, he threatened to sue a Murdoch media outlet for libel.

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Linking To Defamatory Content Is A-OK In PA

Click for a case study summary that considers linking to defamatory content.

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Twitter transparency

Twitter Transparency & Occupy Movement

What is the government asking for? A talk about Twitter’s transparency report.

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sport defamation case study

NFL Scandal Leads To Slander Suit

Can an NFL player win a sport defamation suit against the league commissioner?

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cyberbullying law

Cyberbullying Defamation Case Study

Can cyberbully victims fight back with defamation lawsuits? (Sometimes, yes.)

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legal defense for hacking

Hacker Defenses: It wasn't Me!

Is plausible deniability a viable defense against hacking charges?

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Google autocomplete lawsuit

Google Autocomplete Case Study

A summary of a Google autocomplete defamation lawsuit out of Japan.

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International Internet Law: microblogging law in China

China Passed A New Blogging Law

60-second Summary of China’s microblogging law involving licenses.

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Webair Internet Lawyer Testimonial: I Would Highly Recommend!

Read a review of Internet lawyers Kelly Warner.

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Law Blog: bountygate lawsuit

NFL Bountygate Leads To Sport Defamation Lawsuit

We break down “bountygate” scandal and look at the defamation lawsuit it spawned.

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Kelly / Warner Law Review From Above All Offers

Are you kidding me!? I run an online business and I wouldn’t dream of going into a legal battle without Kelly / Warner Law!

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Internet Law blog: cyberbullying lawsuit options

Using Defamation To Combat Cyberbullying

An overview of the current state of cyberbullying law; plus, legal options for victims.

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