Blogger Defamation: Help! I Can’t Afford A Lawyer!

blogger defamationAccording to the Media Law Resource Center, courts have handed down $17.4 to plaintiffs defamed by bloggers, over the past several years. As a blogger, you may be thinking: “I’m being sued for blogger defamation, but I don’t have the money to defend myself. Do I have options?” Let’s discuss.

Represent Yourself In A Blogger Defamation Case

If you can’t afford an attorney, you can always represent yourself (pro se). If you go this route consider this link, this link, and this link.

When you represent yourself, it’s not a bad idea to consult an attorney before heading into court. An hour consultation won’t break the bank, and it could save you from losing over a simple error.

Check If Your Insurance Covers Legal Fees

Believe it or not, some insurance policies cover lawyers’ fees. Typically, standard homeowner’s insurance packages don’t cover blogger defamation lawsuit costs, but “excess liability” packages often do.

Additionally, some insurance providers will cover legal costs via homeowner’s insurance if the insured party pays an additional $200 to $350 annually. Check with your provider to see if it offers such a deal.

Another caveat enforced by some insurance companies: No coverage for intentional acts or business websites.

Many bloggers procure affordable legal insurance through blogging associations. If you belong to one, inquire. If you don’t belong to one, consider doing so.

You May Be Able To Afford Legal Counsel

Don’t underestimate your ability to afford an attorney. For starters, your situation may not require lots of litigation. In fact, a simple letter may do the trick – and that won’t cost you much. Moreover, if you have a “can’t lose” case, your opponent could very well be ordered to pay your legal fees.

If you want to consult a blogger defamation lawyer, contact Aaron Kelly.

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