The “Internet of Things” and Privacy

the Internet of things and digital privacy
The Internet of Things Is Causing Digital Privacy Concerns.


The “Internet Of Things”

What Exactly Is the “Internet of Things”? It involves a lot of things — especially when it comes to digital privacy. The Federal Trade Commission uses the term to refer to the web of available devices, such as smartphones and tablets, but also other Internet-enabled devices, like vehicles and household appliances, that interact with each other via the Internet.

We can access online videos from smart televisions. Cars display traffic and weather information. Internet-enabled refrigerators can detect if a milk carton is almost empty and notify the grocery store.

And guess what: All of this connectivity has digital privacy and security implications.

Digital Privacy Implications

Consumer groups are starting to voices concerns about corporate access to user data, thanks to the Internet of Things. As such, the FTC will examine the issue.

But not everyone wants digital privacy regulations, believing that excessive regulations thwart innovation.

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