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A new breed of athlete -- one with the fine motor skills, intensity of focus, hair-trigger reaction times, and the math skills of a rocket scientist -- is attracting high-profile sponsorships. With tournament viewership in the multimillions, similarly sized prize purses, and active betting frameworks, the esports industry has proved it's here to stay and grow.

Kelly / Warner helps professional players, teams, and developers with everything from contract negotiations to endorsement matters to player and developer disputes.

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Esports Law Blog: Legal Information and Case Summaries

Want to learn about esports law? Read up on industry cases and news. Each week, we post about stories that may be of interest to professional gamers. Fair warning: Since we’re attorneys who represent players, the articles typically have a legal bend. Want to speak with an esports law attorney? Get in touch.

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Esports Legal Topic: Game Developer Sued Over Bad Review
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