Instagram Defamation Case: The Game v. The Governess

Will The Game win his Instagram defamation case with the babysitter?
Will The Game win his Instagram defamation case against the babysitter?

The Game is feuding, y’all. This time, he’s beefing with his kid’s babysitter, whom we’ll call *Jane.* The battle ground? L.A. Superior Court. The issue? Instagram defamation.

This tale of social media woe began about a month ago. One day, The Game learned that his boy, Nas, hired caretaker Jane, who had worked at la casa Game; her tenure ignominiously cut short.

On Instagram, Game imputed, “She was busted having sex with her boyfriend and leaving a used condom and the wrapper in my daughter’s room!!!”

Then The Game got graphic. He published a picture of Jane with the caption, “Beware if this person is watching your children, she is a very dangerous baby sitter.” He also posted her Twitter and Instagram handles.

Humiliated and shunned from the Nanny Industrial Complex, Jane decided to move forward with an Instagram defamation case. According to her claim, because of the posts, she’d lost her job and ability to work, which triggered a serious bout of depression.

How To Win An Instagram Defamation Case

To win, Jane, the plaintiff, must prove The Game was lying; or, at least, didn’t engage in proper due diligence before posting the accusations. Plus, she’ll probably have to prove that she never knocked boots in her charge’s bedroom.

If, indeed, The Game was mistaken, he could still escape the legal guillotine by arguing the jocular nature of social media. In other words: Social media is known for overblown smack talk and satire. The average person wouldn’t believe my accusations; so, the statements in question shouldn’t be considered defamatory. It’s a stretch, but it’s worked in the past.

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