Internet Business Litigation: Issues Affecting Online Business

internet business litigation attorneyLet’s review how a  business attorney can help small- and medium-sized businesses.

Internet Business Litigation: Contract Disputes

Contracts are the backbone of most business transactions. They outline partnerships, affiliate relationships, crowd sourcing agreements, and terms for apps, websites, and networks. A strong contract goes a long way.

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Internet Business Litigation: Debt Recovery

Let’s be blunt, debt collection isn’t fun for anyone. But when the bills are due, the bills are due. And for many tech startups, outstanding invoices can present cash flow problems that stall production.

Letting a law firm deal with debt collection can speed things along. Why? Attorneys are professional negotiators, whereas debt collection agents are often disgruntled phone jockeys.

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Internet Business Litigation: Trade Secret Protection

Business litigators work with parties entangled in trade secret webs. Again, many of these cases involve complex negotiations. Having someone on your side, with experience, is essential.

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Internet Business Litigation: Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders

Injunctions have been around since Henry VII lorded over Tudor England. Equitable remedies, injunctions compel parties to act or stop acting. For example, if you want a former partner to stop accessing data, you can file for a stop injunction. If you want former employees to turn in certain information, petition for an injunction that forces them to fork it over.

Temporary restraining orders – known as TROs – are stop-gap measures that prevent adversaries from engaging in certain behavior before a hearing. Conveniently, TROs can be granted ex parte, which means the accused doesn’t have to be notified ahead of time.

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Internet Business Litigation: Intellectual Property Litigation

Back in America’s early days, intellectual property laws didn’t exist. After all, when nation building, copying foreign works made perfect sense.

But now, a few hundred years later, in our digital era, intellectual property legislation is prolific and contentious.

An Internet business litigation attorney can help sort through the ever-changing maze of intellectual property – whether it be complicated registrations, dispute negotiations,  or even cybersquatting issues.

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