Internet Business Litigation: Cybersquatting and Injunctions

business litigation
When things go off-track, a business litigation attorney can negotiate on your behalf to set things straight again.

Business litigation is a wide-ranging area of law. Let’s take a few minutes to review what a business litigation attorney does and how they can help small- and medium-sized startups and companies.

Business Litigation Practice Area: Contract Disputes

Contracts are the backbone of most business transactions. They outline partnerships, affiliate relationships, crowd sourcing agreements, and use-terms for apps, websites and cloud-based networks. A strong contract can save you headaches down the road and a bad one will elicit the opposite effect.

The other thing with contracts is that they can be interpreted in a myriad of ways (and that’s why lawyers have a way of being overly verbose at times). As such, a great business litigation lawyer for Internet companies is one that knows the industry inside and out. That way they can take full advantage of their nuanced knowledge of the digital world to make the most cogent, convincing arguments.

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Business Litigation Practice Area: Debt Recovery

Let’s be blunt, debt collection is no fun, for anyone. But when the bills are due, the bills are due. And for many tech startups, outstanding invoices can be the difference of making it through the next month or not.

Having a law firm deal with your debt collection needs is often more successful than having a debt collection agency. Why? Simply stated, attorneys are professional negotiators, whereas debt collection agents are often at best disgruntled phone jockeys or at worst automated messages.

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Business Litigation Practice Area: Trade Secret Protection

Business litigators often deal with clients involved in trade secret squabbles. Again, many of these cases involve a lot of negotiating between the two parties and many don’t even reach the trial stage.

Business Litigation Practice Area: Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders

Since the time of Henry VII, injunctions have been used in legal confrontations. Considered to be equitable remedies, injunctions compel a party to act or stop acting. For example, if you want a former partner to stop accessing certain data, you can file to get an injunction to get them to stop. If you want a former co-worker to turn over certain information, you can petition for an injunction that forces them to do so.

Temporary restraining orders – known as TROs – are stop-gap court orders, usually only issued for no longer than 14 days, prevent an adversary from engaging in certain behavior between the time of your injunction filing and the hearing date. What’s convenient about TROs is that they can be granted ex parte, which means the accused does not have to be notified of the order ahead of time.

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Business Litigation Practice Area: Intellectual Property Litigation

It’s often easy to forget that back in the early days of this country, intellectual property law was basically nonexistent. After all, they were trying to build a new country and economy, so it made perfect sense to allow the copying of foreign works for sale and profit in the “New World.”

But now that that economy is well established (albeit struggling at times), copyright and trademark legislation has grown much stricter. The advent of the Internet added another level of complication to intellectual property legislation and litigation.

An Internet business litigation attorney can help companies sort through the ever-changing maze of intellectual property – whether it be complicated registrations, dispute negotiations,  or even a cybersquatting issue.

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A Few More Basics About Internet Business Litigation

Here are a few more factoids about the business litigation process you may find useful to know .

  1. In business litigation cases, the party which is being accused of an unlawful act or breach is referred to as the litigant. The person filing the claim is the complainant or movant.
  2. Business litigation lawsuits can be of the class action or individual variety.
  3. A good business litigation lawyer will be a stupendous mediator, well-versed in your industry.

If you are in need of an Internet business litigation lawyer, contact us today. Our legal practice concentrates on Internet law and technology issues, making us the ideal option for startups, online businesses, gaming companies, app development firms, hosting firms and affiliate marketers.

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