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Who are we? Kelly / Warner -- a boutique legal practice, of Internet lawyers, that focuses on issues important to online business owners, like ecommerce, digital advertising, marketing compliance, intellectual property, online privacy, domain disputes, unfair competition, and consumer reviews.

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An Internet Lawyer For Online Business Entrepreneurs

Is a customer's scathing online review decimating your business? Need to make sure you're compliant with FTC and international online promotional regulations? Looking for advice on structuring an ecommerce business that allows for ideal profit margins and asset protection?

Our internet law team can:

  • Guide you, step-by-step, through the business formation process;
  • Answer legal questions about online review conflicts;
  • Assist with private label or e-commerce matters (suspensions, counterfeiting, hijacking, compliance, etc.);
  • Provide general counsel to businesses;
  • Perform marketing reviews to avoid large FTC or FDA fines;
  • Answer questions or concerns regarding Internet laws;
  • Get defamatory content and reviews removed from the Web;
The Basics: What Does An Internet Law Attorney Do?

What does an internet law attorney do? Kelly / Warner lawyers are well versed in internet case law, compliance matters, and regulations regarding online defamation, trade libel, unfair competition, cybersquatting, piracy, online privacy, esports, and Internet marketing.

Internet lawyers:

  • Assist websites and companies with DMCA takedown request procedures and filings;
  • Oversee and advocate for various online copyright, trademark, and other domain disputes;
  • Help you respond to an illegal downloading letter;
  • Ensure that your gaming company is operating legitimately;
  • Act as the online privacy agent for your business, in the event of a security breach;
  • Act as advocate and counsel during revenge porn, cyberbullying and online harassment challenges.
  • Take care of any legal issue related to the Internet or technology.

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