Lawyer Sued For Defamation In New York By Father

Attorney Richard Fischbein has sued for defamation — the defendant is his daughter Beth Fischbein-Bodner. A slander case begging to be made into a Lifetime Original Movie, Fischbein v. Fischbein-Bodner is the tale of two related attorneys, a stepmom, a trust fund, fraud – and even slain rapper, turned in-demand hologram, Tupac Shakur.

Daughter Sued For Defamation By Infamous Lawyer Father Over Trust Fund Allegations

There’s a lawyer currently walking the streets of New York whose client roster includes Donald Trump, the Black Panthers and late rap artist Tupac Shakur. His name is Richard Fischbein and he’s suing for defamation. The defendant is his daughter. What’s causing the consternation between the two related esquires? A trust fund.

Back in 1980, a trust fund was set up for Beth that was supposed to be made available on her 21st birthday, in 1990. Mr. Fischbein and his new wife (Beth’s stepmom), Mimi, however, allegedly accessed the account on two occasions prior to the 1990 date. According to reports, they allegedly adjusted the fund so Beth wouldn’t get the real estate originally allotted to her, but instead two smaller properties. In the end, Beth says her trust fund was diminished to $114,000. (Hey, one person’s $114,000 is another person’s $14 – it’s all relative.)

Instead of battling it out behind closed doors, Fischbein-Bodner petitioned the state Surrogate Court for a trust fund audit. Apparently, she thought it would reveal dastardly dealings initiated by her father and stepmom. Beth was convinced the pair was using her money to leverage a $6.5 million mortgage nut. Papa Fischbein, however, denies any wrongdoing, chiding only that his daughter is an “ungrateful child.” But instead of engaging in a little silent treatment to demonstrate displeasure, Fischbein filed a $3 million lawsuit against his spawn for “maliciously and in bad faith” libeling his name and insinuating he engaged in financial hanky-panky.

Why The Punitive Defamation Damages Request, Dad?

When the New York Daily News asked Fischbein about the emotions involved in suing one’s daughter he said, “I wish it didn’t happen.” He’s also pointed out his financial contributions in terms of private schools, summer camps and law school.

Fishbein’s claim of regret, though, is arguably at odds with the types of defamation damages he requested. You’d think that someone experiencing litigation regret wouldn’t add insult to injury by asking for punitive damages; you’d think recouping actual damages would be the only concern of a plaintiff who is reluctantly filing a suit. But then again, who knows. Different strokes for different folks, right?

The cherry on top on this defamation lawsuit, though, is a statement put out by Fishbein’s spokesman that reads, “The accounting will find that, after it is completely done, he will be vindicated and she will find that she owes him money.” The mouthpiece also assured that his client, the benevolent being that he is, “will not ask for it to be reimbursed.”

No Stranger to slander litigation, Richard Fishbein once sued for defamation the famous steakhouse Angelo & Maxie for $7 million, claiming the restaurant “detained and humiliated” him “for not leaving a $353 tip.” Viva la libel litigation!

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