Business Defamation Case: Battle of the Conglomerates

business defamation case study
Business v. business defamation lawsuits are often clearer-cut than personal defamation cases.

A lot of defamation lawsuits aren’t personal battles over personal matters, but instead involve two businesses. And in many regards, these business defamation cases are easier to win, because the circumstances are more straight forward than personal slander and libel cases.

Below, we’ll review a recent corporate defamation lawsuit.

Mirach Capital Defamation Lawsuit Summary

Two international corporations – Mirach Capital and Sahara Group – are currently entangled in a business v. business defamation lawsuit. The root of the legal battle is a soured deal. Specifically, after the revocation of a $2 billion loan agreement, Sahara executives accused Mirach executives of cheating and forgery.

Predictably, Sahara insists the accusations are without merit and caused the company “irreparable harm.” Mirach Capital spokespeople, however, aver that they have “factual evidence” to back up the claims.

What Do Businesses Need To Prove To Win a Business v. Business Defamation Lawsuit?

United States defamation law is free speech-friendly. As such, to win a slander or libel lawsuit, plaintiffs must satisfy the four pillars of defamation.

Falsity: For a statement to be legally defamatory in the U.S., it must be an unprivileged, false statement of fact.

Publication: It is the responsibility of plaintiffs to prove that the defendant was the party who published or broadcast – or aided in the publication or broadcast – of a false statement of fact. Additionally, plaintiffs must prove that the defendant was, in fact, referring to them (the plaintiff).

Harm: To win a slander or libel lawsuit, it isn’t enough to prove that the defendant made a false statement of fact. Plaintiffs must also prove that the statement in questions caused them material or reputational harm.

Negligence: If a plaintiff can’t prove that a defamation defendant acted either negligently or with actual malice, then said plaintiff won’t win his or her case.

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