Business Online Defamation Removal: The Basics

business-online-defamation-removalSmall business defamation can be brutal. Thankfully, we help make it better. Whether you’re dealing with:

  1. A strongly worded, unflattering post on an online review website,
  2. A blog post that contains misinformation,
  3. A disparaging tweet or a Facebook update,

our business online defamation removal team can help rectify the situation. Falsehoods spread quickly on the Internet; the sooner you find an online libel attorney, the better.

Business Online Defamation Removal: Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Sometimes people post in the heat of the moment, and believe it or not, a polite email asking the poster to remove inaccurate material is all it takes. This method doesn’t always work, but you’d be surprised at how often it does.

Business Online Defamation Removal: Get A Court Order

If the person who wrote the disparaging material uses a “handle” or “alias” you may have to get a court order to find out their name. A defamation attorney can prepare the necessary motions to secure an injunction.

Business Online Defamation Removal: Send A Cease & Desist Defamation Letter

If things can’t be worked out amicably, then try a cease and desist letter. Consult with an attorney and figure out whether to focus on defamation, unfair business practices, or another civil tort.

In many instances, cease and desist letters are enough to motivate adversaries. But not all entities are easily persuaded.

Now, that doesn’t mean that small businesses should give up in the face of online disparagement. If a cease and desist letter doesn’t work, you can always file a lawsuit. While the process may take a tad bit longer than you’d like, the rewards can be significant.

File A Business Defamation Lawsuit

You can choose to pursue a defamation lawsuit pro se – meaning you represent yourself – or you can hire a business defamation lawyer, with an excellent track record, who doesn’t cost a fortune.

Based on the circumstances, we’ll determine the friendliest jurisdiction. Then, we’ll get to work crafting the most convincing defamation case, using the most appropriate case law, while drawing upon their nuanced understanding of both state and federal defamation law.