New Internet Law Update: Florida and Louisiana

new Internet Law
A new online impersonation law may be on the way in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s Online Impersonation Law

A new Internet law in Louisiana makes it illegal to intentionally, maliciously, or fraudulently impersonate another person or business online. The rule goes into effect on August 1, 2015 and violators will earn a criminal record.

Parameters of Louisiana’s New Internet Impersonation Law

According to Louisiana’s new online impersonation law, for a deed to be legally actionable under the statute, the perpetrator must show:

  • Intent to harm,
  • Intent to intimidate,
  • Internet to threaten, or
  • Intent to defraud.

People convicted under the statute will be charged with a misdemeanor. Officials hope it will curb cyberbullying, online harassment, and Internet defamation.


new Internet law proposal in Florida
Florida officials want to pass an Internet law that would make anonymous commercial music sites illegal.

Florida’s Proposed New Internet Law: Eradicating Anonymous Art Sites

Florida lawmakers are eager to pass a new Internet law, which addresses online piracy, called the “True Origin of Digital Goods Act.” But like many proposed laws aimed at protecting intellectual property on the Internet, there are questions about its constitutionality.

If You Run A Website or App That Offers Commercial Recordings, Be Prepared To Expose Yourself

Essentially, the proposed new Florida Internet law would allow for the shuttering of anonymously run websites that offer “commercial recordings” – even if the website owner is the creator of all the available works.

Is Florida’s New Internet Law Constitutional?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation isn’t thrilled with Florida’s new Internet law. The non-profit argues that the proposed statute violates the First Amendment by preemptively disallowing anonymous free speech.

Should Florida-Based Websites Worry About Raids

Moreover, many people fear the new Internet law paves the way for egregious government raids (a.k.a., MPAA / RIAA witch hunts?) on law-abiding businesses. Why? Because it happened in Georgia when a similar law passed in that state.


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