Amazon Hijacking: 5 Legal Tips To Shake Counterfeiters

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Amazon hijacking is a problem! But you can fight back!

Unfortunately, ecommerce entrepreneurs must compete with counterfeiters. It’s just comes with the territory. But sellers can protect brand integrity by investing in intellectual property protections and customizing products. If you’re entangled in the web of a sophisticated scammer, consider working with experienced ecommerce attorneys.

Product counterfeiters and listing hijackers are an ecommerce scourge. These scammers:

  • First, scour online marketplaces for easy-to-copy products;
  • Then, occupy product listings;
  • And lastly, undercut the original price by selling inferior copycats. (Sometimes they sell exact product replicas acquired through supply chain leaks).

So, how do you shake a listing tick? Unfortunately, a silver bullet solution doesn’t yet exist, but you can do a few simple things to make listings unattractive to product pickpockets.

Amazon Hijacking Prevention Tip #1: Vet Your Supply Chain Like Your Financial Security Depends On It (Because It Does)

Here’s the issue: Overseas manufacturers may not care about you, your business, or U.S. laws. Their top priority is making money — and they’re often not beholden to stateside statutes.

So, how can you avoid a disastrous partnership? Again, no bullet proof method exists. But what you can do is vet, vet — and then vet some more. Scour the Internet for information about potential factories and manufacturers; read industry message boards; hire a translator if you must.

Also, adopt a Prime Directive attitude; share the names of quality supply chain vendors with other sellers. Why? Because mitigating counterfeiters makes financial sense for the industry, as a whole.

Amazon Hijacking Prevention Tip #2: Add A Little *Something* To Your Product

Hijackers leech off industrious elbow grease. So, use their tendencies to your advantage.


Simple: The more unique a product, the more difficult it is to counterfeit. Add a special feature or sub rosa engraving. Differentiating your brand can act as effective counterfeit repellent.

Amazon Hijacking Prevention Tip #3: Spruce Up Your Packaging

What’s another great way to ward off hijackers? Add something special to your packaging. The gesture doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive – it can be as simple as a note. The point is that it’s an unadvertised surprise.


Because packaging differences work as A-to-Z claim evidence. Also, if you have to track down a supply chain leak, you may be able to pinpoint the culprit if you can pinpoint the exact stage duplication diverges.

Amazon Hijacking Prevention Tip #4: Brand Register & Maybe More

Take advantage of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Though it’s not the same as getting a formal USPTO stamp of approval, Amazon brand registry does have its advantages. Importantly, it gives you more control over listing pages – which can be helpful when fighting hijackers.

Brand Registry As An Amazon Hijacker Repellent?

The more control you have over product listings, the more details you can add – and details are kryptonite to hijackers. Instead of emulating a highly detailed product, with an accompanying detailed product page, counterfeiters and hijackers typically move on to easier targets.

Like citronella candles to mosquitoes, brand registry is not a cure-all; but it does repel a bunch of unwelcome pests.

Product Counterfeit Repellent Tip #5: Talk It Out, First

If you’re hit by a hijacker, keep calm; keep cool; keep collected. After all, maybe it’s a genuine, newbie mistake. So, before blowing a gasket, send a private message to the would-be hijacker. Try not to come across as litigious or hyper aggressive. No need for bad blood over an unintentional blunder.

Now, if reasoning doesn’t work, and it’s clear you’re dealing with a seasoned scam artist, it may be time for reinforcements. That’s where we come in.

A Private Label Law Attorney May Be the Answer to Your Hijacking Headache

Unfortunately, hijackers are part of the e-commerce environment. They’ll never go extinct. Like cockroaches, hijackers and counterfeiters will adapt, survive, and multiply! But if you’re vigilant and play a few smart cards, the likelihood of being hit diminishes.

Deal with hijacking issues head-on, before they demolish profits!

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