Teacher Defamation: The Slander Lawsuit Against Kermit

If you liked that movie about the students who cheated on the SATs, then you’ll be all over this teacher defamation lawsuit out of Connecticut, because Joyner v. Carolina is a saga involving students, sports, and slander.

How This Teacher Defamation Debacle Started

Shirley Love Joyner and Kermit Carolina worked in the same school district – a district under media siege thanks to a grade scandal, of which Carolina and Joyner figure prominently.

Gleaning from media reports, officials levied eight charges of grade tampering against various administrators and educators in the school district. So far, seven out of the eight allegations remain unproven, but litigation continues in on case, which involves a teacher accused of changing a course description in an attempt to deceive the NCAA.

Joyner, so far as I can tell, had a hand in exposing the alleged grade tampering.

According to reports, though, Kermit Carolina’s lawyer, supposedly made a public statement intimating Joyner’s accusations to be untrue.

Now, this is where things get a little fuzzy. Apparently, in the midst of the scandal, Joyner left on medical leave and has remained relatively quiet since; until this week when she filed a defamation lawsuit against Carolina.

“At one point Mr. Jefferson said Joyner did it,” explained Joe Garrison, Joyner’s attorney. “Basically saying it wasn’t Mr. Carolina that committed any wrongdoing, it was Miss Joyner reporting the wrongdoing and that was totally false.”

Kermit Is Crying Political Foul

Kermit Carolina says this whole situation is retaliation for his strained relationship with the mayor. To make matters even more sticky, the principal claims, the mayor and Joyner have a personal friendship, which was why the grade tampering investigation went forward in the first place.

Despite the drama, Mr. Carolina appears to be keeping cool under the collar and insists he is a wrongly accused man. “We’re looking forward to that day in court,” he told reporters, “where my attorney puts Joyner on the stand and holds her accountable for this reckless action that has damaged not only my school, but myself as an administrator.”

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