Total Biscuit and Wild Game Studio are Beefing

game developers: wild Game v Total Biscuit beefWild Game Studio is going toe-to-toe with venerated game reviewer, John Bain, a.k.a., Total Biscuit. Day One: Garry’s Incident, a first-personal survival game, anchors the controversy.

The beef began when Wild Game gave Total Biscuit a copy of Day One to review. Unfortunately, Total Biscuit wasn’t impressed and let his criticism rip. “I just feel that companies that don’t have enough practice should, under no circumstances, be attempting something as complex as an open-world first-person survival game,” opined Bain. “Because it will just be dreadful, and this game is astonishingly bad,” he concluded.

Wild Game wasn’t thrilled.

To mitigate the negative onslaught, the studio issued an infringement complaint against Bain, citing advertising on his site as proof of unjust enrichment.

As is often the case, the peanut gallery is split. Some developers are enjoying a bit of schadenfruede, while pirate sympathizers aren’t impressed.

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