ALERT! Richard Andrew Gorman, aka Rich Gorman

On behalf of a client, attorney Daniel R. Warner sued Richard Gorman,, Inc., and other affiliated companies for defamation in United District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, case number 2:14-CV-05980-GAM (the “Lawsuit”). While Dan Warner was actively prosecuting the Lawsuit, Rich Gorman made it clear that he would seek revenge against the firm.

True to his word, it appears that Richard Gorman, the co-founder of, Inc., has spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort hatching and executing an elaborate plan for the purpose of destroying Kelly / Warner’s reputation.  Mr. Gorman recently emailed Mr. Warner and Mr. Kelly stating that we was going to publish an article about the allegations that have recently appeared on various websites, including, which some believe to be a fake news site. Very recently, before, Inc. went bankrupt, it owned/controlled It is no coincidence that the has now published well over five separate articles that were clearly intended to harm Kelly / Warner.  Additionally, the has also been emailing various attorneys and other business associates of the Law Firm, stating, “[t]hese attorneys must be stopped dead in their tracks, and it is in your power to do so by signing the petition below to stop their illegal media censorship schemes.”  What legitimate and unbiased news organization would do this?  Clearly – none.  And this is beyond ironic when considering’s history (which is much too extensive to be covered in this one alert; the following is a very brief overview).

Rich Gorman’s company,, Inc., seems to have has an interesting history with Joseph Chinnock, who has been a focal point of many articles.  Mr. Chinnock and, Inc. were sued in Florida where it was alleged that “ knew or should have known at the time it hired Chinnock to work on Kogan’s Wikipedia page that he had a history of defrauding customers and attempting to extort money from them by threatening to harm their reputations if they did not pay him to assist them in improving their online reputations.” Prior to filing for bankruptcy (liquidation) in April of 2015,, Inc. offered brand management and reputation management services. “In 2013, stated further that they would enact a De-Indexing Action Plan to permanently erase false or libelous information from major search engines as opposed to attempting to move the negative information further down in search results.” (last visited 4/24/17). Mr. Gorman and ran a high volume de-indexing service, caused countless webpages to be de-indexed, and are very familiar with how de-indexing works – or more importantly doesn’t work.

Given Richard Andrew Gorman’s knowledge of de-indexing, his affiliation with Mr. Chinnock, along with Mr. Gorman’s “checkered past” (simply Google search “offender Richard Gorman”), many questions have been raised. For now, the firm is unable to release additional information but will likely do so in the near future.

Ironically, Charles Rodrick and Richard Gorman have now teamed up to defame and harass Mr. Warner and Mr. Kelly. What is happening now (posts being made for the purpose of damaging the firm’s reputation), is the same thing that Mr. Rodrick did before. And much like before, attorney Daniel R. Warner and attorney Aaron M. Kelly are grateful to work with the State Bar of Arizona to ensure that the good guys will win again.

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