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A new breed of athlete is attracting high-profile sponsorships -- athletes with the fine motor skills, focus intensity, hair-trigger reflexes, and math skills that rival rocket scientists. Esports athletes. With tournament viewership in the multimillions, similarly sized prize purses, and active betting frameworks, the esports industry is, as they say, blowing up.

Kelly / Warner helps professional esports players, teams, and game developers with business and legal matters, like contract negotiations, endorsement matters, and litigation needs.

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Signatories of a good, solid contract know what to expect from one another. Players' esports contracts should spell out equipment, payment, insurance, sponsorships, schedules, and conduct expectations. Before professional gamers sign anything, enlisting an agent, who can comb through the agreement with a legal scalpel, is a wise option. After all, nobody wants to discover, months down the line, a sneaky contract clause that could have easily been avoided.


Sponsorship and endorsement deals can be exceptionally lucrative. At the same time, sponsorship and endorsement contracts can be frustratingly restrictive. Before esports athletes agree to brand deals, they should examine the agreement with a fine-tooth comb. What is the length of the partnership? Are there any behavioral stipulations? What about the payment schedule -- is it a lump sum, commission-based, or salaried? What events are required during the length of the partnership? Can you still earn money via your own streaming channel? Is the endorsement exclusive? Players should know the answers to all these questions before adding their signatures on dotted lines.


Whether it’s a disagreement between team members, a league, or tournament organizers, our trained mediators can coordinate and orchestrate a binding resolution process that doesn’t involve a formal court hearing. Disputes over payment, sponsorships, tournament time, and simple personality differences can lead to conflicts. To ensure team focus and success, sorting out these types of skirmishes, as soon as humanly possible, is always the best option. Our esports legal team knows how to diffuse situations and craft compromises with which everyone can live -- and live comfortably. Don’t let petty disputes destroy your esports team. Work with a mediator who can extinguish the flame quickly -- so you can get back to what’s important, gelling as a unit and winning matches.

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