After a nearly two-year-long battle, the State Bar of Arizona has dismissed all allegations of any “fraudulent lawsuits” made against attorneys Daniel Warner, Raees Mohamed, and Aaron Kelly.  From the beginning, Kelly/Warner has maintained its position and has now been vindicated.  The State Bar of Arizona made allegations against each of the three partners – allegations each partner found to be very serious and concerning.  However, after conducting a full investigation, the State Bar was convinced that no member of the firm engaged in any fraudulent conduct. Although Daniel Warner and Aaron Kelly admitted to making some mistakes regarding diligence and communication, the admissions did not involve any fraudulent or other dishonest conduct.

In recognizing his mistake, Dan Warner agreed to be admonished and participate in State Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (aka “LOMAP”) for two years.  Aaron Kelly took responsibility for his mistakes by agreeing to be reprimanded, as well as participate in LOMAP for two years.

It is unfortunate that the members of the firm were lumped in with the many unsavory characters that swim in the rough waters of internet defamation and cyber harassment. This area of law is certainly not for the faint of heart.  But even with some of the worst allegations being splattered all over the internet by the firm’s detractors, the litigators of the firm, Daniel Warner and Raees Mohamed, did not run and hide.  Instead, they took on several other contentious internet defamation cases, in addition to litigating their existing cases, along with the State Bar proceeding.  Those looking to test their resolve should seriously think twice.   In fact, internet defamation and harassment victims now choose partners of the firm to represent them because of their first-hand experiences with being defamed and harassed online.

Unfortunately, however, some people seem to be unable to accept these facts.  With each new attack launched or exacerbated by the firm’s “fan club” of detractors, the members of Kelly / Warner only become stronger and better lawyers.

For example, even though all allegations of fraud were dismissed against the members of the firm, the firm’s “fan club” continues to attempt to use the State Bar proceeding to harm the firm. The individuals have published numerous posts about how Daniel Warner and Aaron Kelly agreed to be placed on “probation” for two years — as if the “probation” were a bad thing.  What these individuals do not understand is that the term “probation” has a particular meaning here and it is not the “Law & Order” version of probation (i.e., “walking on thin ice”). The “probation” referenced means that Daniel Warner and Aaron Kelly must participate in the State Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (“LOMAP”).

A program like LOMAP is actually welcoming, as it ensures that the firm’s practices and procedures are beyond reproach.  For a lawyer like Daniel Warner, who will continue to be attacked for aggressively litigating for his clients, it will ensure that his practices meet and/or exceed the ethical rules.

Make no mistake: The partners at Kelly / Warner will not be intimidated under any circumstances and will continue to fight the good fight for legitimate defamation victims.

Lastly — to all of our loyal clients, friends, family, and colleagues — we again thank you for your support and encouragement and sticking by us throughout these turbulent times. We will never stop fighting for you and defamation victims like you.

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