And Now, A Word From (Some Of) Our Clients...

Of course, you want to make sure we're the real deal.

Of course, you want to make sure we deliver results for our clients.

Of course, you want to make sure we'll get the job done discreetly, quickly, and successfully.

To that end, keep scrolling and read what some of our (non-shy) clients are saying about us.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Kelly Warner has helped me with all the legal aspects of and did a fantastic job. He’s very knowledgeable about Internet law and the hosting industry. ~ Hyper 6

Are you kidding me!? I run an online business and I wouldn’t dream of going into a legal battle without Kelly / Warner Law! ~ Above All Offers

Kelly / Warner is the firm to trust. They’re one of those few firms that many of the bigger players use but don’t boast about because who wants to give away their best secrets? ~ Wicked Fire

Kelly / Warner Law has been a pleasure to work with over the years. They handle everything we've thrown at them quickly and efficiently, without issue. Timely completion with the maximum efficiency is their motto of work. I would HIGHLY recommend Aaron Kelly and his entire firm. ~ Webair

Nobody knows Internet Law like Aaron Kelly does. I've used him for complex solutions as well as quick/transactional issues. He is diligent, responsive and detailed in all of his work. His integrity is felt and his knowledge is profound. ~ Nicholas F.

Kelly / Warner is a priceless tool when it comes to Internet and business law needs. Their know-how and experience has given my business the protection it needs to operate in today’s digital world. I highly recommend Kelly / Warner to anyone in need of Internet business lawyer. ~ Ladies Loop

We had a domain issue, and a friend recommended Kelly Warner law. I’m so thankful you all were able to help me with my Internet law legal issue I was having. You stayed in contact each step of the way. And your professionalism was above and beyond. Working with Kelly Warner law was such a successful process. The the whole thing took one week. Thank you Thank you!Ultimate Box

I write this review with the utmost respect and gratitude possible. After working with Dan Warner I would say that I couldn't have asked for a more compassionate, understanding, respectful and competent attorney. My experience was top notch and I would gladly recommend his services to anyone who might need it. Thank you Dan for your excellent and diligent work, it is deeply and wholeheartedly appreciated.Paul K.

Probably the most easy, seamless interaction I've ever had with an attorney. Aaron is a down to earth guy that takes the time to understand the situation and your goals. I never once felt that I was just another paycheck to these guys...unlike other lawyers I've dealt with in the past. Best of case was handled fast. I think it was opened and closed within 14 days. Can't beat that!Vin D.

Aaron Kelly knows tech and he knows marketing. The guy is a fountain of information. A great combination for any start-up.John M.

If you are in online marketing and not using these guys.. You are missing out!Ben B.

Kelly Warner law always delivers great results. They're almost always available via Skype/phone/email. That is why I remain a client. Most of all, they speak tech/internet marketing and they got to work immediately on my issues.Joshua E.

I hired Daniel Warner to pursue litigation against a competitor that was defaming my business and products, and engaging in false advertising. Mr. Warner didn't gladly accept my money to pursue a long and expensive lawsuit. Instead, he talked me out of filing a lawsuit and settled the case inexpensively. I've worked with big, prestigious law firms, and I'm pleased to have found Dan. He's great guy and an excellent lawyer who truly wants to help his clients. Ken R.

I have been working with these guys for over a year now and they have saved me more times than I can remember! Affiliate marketing is a very specific business and these guys know all about it and how to look at my site and tell me exactly what I can and cannot say. These guys are worth every penny! In the internet work if you get into trouble you will pay one way or another! I would rather pay them to have my back! Trent D.

If you're in the Internet marketing space like me, then Kelly Warner is the place to go. It's amazing how much they know about the industry and how available they are. I have my contact there on Skype and he hits me back quickly every single time I message him. And this is not a paralegal either -- it is the actual attorney. He is also available by personal cell for questions or concerns I have. Honestly, this is the only law firm I have actually enjoyed dealing with. Good people. Killer lawyers. And awesome service. John H.