Defamation Laws In Andorra

Andorra defamation laws Defamation Laws In Andorra
Slander And Libel Laws In Andorra

According to a report published by the Orginization For Security and Co-Operation in Europe states that in a publication entitled Apercu des legislations nationales en matiere de diffimation et d’injure (Strasbourg, le 12 december 2003), slander and libel are considered criminal offenses in Andorra. Maximum prison term under the Andorra Criminal Code for defamation is three (3) years.

Push To End Criminal Libel Laws In Andorra

The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) lists Andorra as a nation in need of slander and libel reform. The MLDI lists aproximately 40 other countries that fall into the “criminal libel law” category along with Andorra. It is unclear, however, if the government is working to reform their defamation and media laws.