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"These guys are the real deal." -Joshua E.

What distinguishes Kelly / Warner from other Internet law attorneys? We grew up coding, programming, and pushing our PCs to their limits. We’re early adopters and proud geeks...who also happen to be top-rated attorneys.

Kelly / Warner can help you leverage the law, technology, relationships and market conditions to ensure your operation is as profitable and protected as possible.

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Preeminent AV-Ranking | 10-Out-Of-10 AVVO.Com

We represent Internet law clients across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia.

Who We Are, What We Do, And How We Work

Internet Law Advantage: We're A Team Of Tech Heads

Everyone on the Kelly / Warner team has a strong tech background. We even have an in-house technologist to assist with digital discovery needs.

Kelly / Warner's Winning Strategy: Work Hard and Craft Creative Solutions

Two reasons why Kelly / Warner wins: We work hard and leverage the law, with relationships, to craft solutions for clients. And, if you don’t have a legal leg to stand on, we’ll tell you, not string you along.

Clients Across The U.S., U.K., Canada, Asia, and Australia

Kelly / Warner's main office is in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we work with clients in all 50 states, Canada, the U.K., Asia, and Australia.

Kelly / Warner Law Is A Top-Rated Firm With An Excellent Reputation

Partner Aaron Kelly maintains a perfect rating on AVVO.com and a preeminent AV rank; the firm enjoys an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Big & Small, We Handle It All: Individuals, Businesses, Foundations, Professionals

Kelly / Warner represents individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in need of defamation, marketing and Internet law legal assistance.

Hard Work, Candidness, And Honesty Matter

Kelly / Warner attorneys are refreshingly straightforward, well connected and industrious. Clients say our work ethic sets us above.


Daniel Warner
business law litigator Daniel Warner

A superb negotiator and litigator, partner Daniel Warner is one of the few people in the world with a photographic memory. Read »

Raees Mohamed
Internet Business lawyer Raees Mohamed

Lawyer Raees Mohamed is an online privacy aficionado who has won his share of David v. Goliath cases. He helps clients make money. Read »



The Kelly / Warner Law has been a pleasure to work with over the years. I can with confidence say they handle everything we have thrown at them quickly.

Trusted Ally

Are you kidding me!? I run an online business and I wouldn't dream of going into a legal battle without Kelly / Warner Law!

Secret Weapon

Kelly / Warner is the firm to trust for legal advice. They're one of those few firms that many of the bigger players use but don’t boast about.

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ICO Consults
Kelly Warner Legal Blog Post Failing To Consult With A Blockchain Lawyer Could Cost You Everything

A startup that failed to consult a blockchain lawyer before its initial coin offering was censured by the SEC.
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Token Reversal
Kelly Warner Legal Blog Post Are Exchanges Legally Allowed To Reverse Coin Transactions?

A lawsuit that could significantly impact the cryptocurrency marketplace is making its way through Singapore courts,
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Bitcoin Regs
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Kelly / Warner Law: Practice Areas

ecommerce law


Our e-commerce business team is passionate about the niche and gets the job done. Click through for a wealth of information about online retail legalities.

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Online Marketing Law

Marketing & Advertising

Staying compliant with Federal Trade Commission guidelines is an important part of staying competitive. Read up on the regulations.

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Internet Law Attorney

Internet Law

COPPA, DMCA, ACPA, NET Act, and more. Our Internet law attorneys are up-to-date on the latest bills and statutes affecting online business.

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Defamation Law Attorney

Online Defamation

We assist clients with issues and challenges that arise from fake and defamatory reviews and personal online reputation attacks.

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Startup & Business Law

Business & Startup

Helping online entrepreneurs is one of our passions. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we’d love to work with you.

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Trade Secret Law

Trade Secrets

Many tech and online businesses protect their formulas, algorithms and proprietary code via the trade secret framework, instead of formal registration.

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Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property

Our Internet law attorneys help online businesses, designers, developers, and other creators with online copyright, trademark, and patent legalities.

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social media law

Social Media

Keep up-to-date with the latest social media news, tips, and regulations affecting online marketing, selling, and Internet reputation law.

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esports law


We’re a gang of gaming enthusiasts that enjoys working with esports athletes. Our firm handles everything from contract negotiations to team disputes.

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"It's amazing how much they know about the industry." - John H.

Internet Law

Internet lawyers are an indispensable asset when navigating today's viral, digital market. Attorneys in the niche can quickly solve issues related to online privacy, Internet copyrights and trademarks, software and businesses licensing, mobile payments, user agreements, FTC marketing compliance and more.

Defamation Law

Reputations matter – a lot. If an adversary is tarnishing your name -- or your company's name -- the situation must be remedied or you risk serious financial ruin. The good news? Getting defamatory content removed from the Web isn’t as difficult or costly as you may think. Sometimes, it only takes a week or two.

Business Law

Today's marketplace moves at the speed of light – literally; so, keeping current is paramount. One licensing, false advertising, compliance or unfair competition misstep could land you in the red – courtesy of a court-issued fine. We'll make sure you stay on the right side of regulations.

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