Defamation Laws In Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Defamation Laws
Slander And Libel Laws In Antigua and Barbuda

Criminal Defamation In Antigua & Barbuda

Under Chapter 248 Libel and Slander Act of the Antigua and Barbuda legal code,  libel constitutes a criminal act which imposes an imprisonment of not more than three (3) years.

Saying Sorry Can Help Your Cause Under Antigua Defamation Statutes

An offer of apology may be considered admissible evidence for purposes of mitigating damages.  Defamation remains a criminal offense, and cases are occasionally brought against journalists.

Defamation Reform In Antigua & Barbuda: Truth Is On Its Way To Becoming A Valid Defense

Nevertheless, defamation laws are being implemented, making truth as a defense.  In cases when the defendant in a libel lawsuit fails to establish truth in a criminal case, the defendant can be held criminally liable.  The defense of fair comment (when the defendant is a publication company) cannot hold if there is failure to establish the truthfulness of the alleged facts on which the defamatory statements were based.