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Arizona business collections handled by law firms — as opposed to collection agencies — are exponentially more successful. At Kelly / Warner, we take a compassionate, yet firm, approach to debt collection — and it works wonders.

Kelly / Warner Law helps debtors get their lives back on financial track. Whether the debt resulted from a court order or involves unpaid assessments, we’ll protect the creditors’ rights, while at the same time work to restore solid relationships all around.

Kelly / Warner’s Arizona business collections lawyers will help determine whether or not debt collection is right for your business. Sometimes it costs more to litigate debt collection than to write it off. We’ll come up with the best course of action for you and your unique set of circumstances.

Arizona Business Collections: Is It Better To Use An Agency or an Attorney?

Most Arizona business collection agencies are paid on commission. For this reason, they’re very reluctant to turn cases over to an Arizona collections attorneys, who have more tools at their disposal.

Unlike an Arizona collections agency, collection lawyers can:

debt collection lawyers in Arizona
Let an experienced lawyer handle your debt collection challenges.
  1. Draft and file strategic lawsuits,
  2. Obtain judgments against debtors and enforce judgments by garnishing wages,
  3. Get a judgment lien or secure a bank levy on debtors’ bank accounts.

Arizona collections attorneys can also prevent unethical debtors from hiding money. Attorney can obtain a pre-judgment writ of attachment, on behalf of their clients, to bar debtors from transferring money until judgements are issued and satisfied.

Even if a debtor files for bankruptcy, an Arizona collections attorney can sometimes enforce a judgment for the unpaid debt.

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