Defamation Statute of Limitations In The 50 United States

If you want to sue for slander or libel, you must file your lawsuit before the defamation statute of limitations period runs out in your chosen jurisdiction. If you are filing a slander or libel claim in a state court, the state’s defamation statutes of limitation take precedence; if you’re filing in federal court, national laws apply. Below is a list of the defamation statute of limitations in each of the 50 United States.

State Defamation Statute of Limitations Statute
Alabama 2 Years Code of Alabama. Title 6. Section 38(k)
Alaska 2 Years Alaska Statutes. Title 9. Section 70(a)
Arizona 1 Year Arizona Revised Statutes. Title 12. Section 541
Arkansas 3 Years Arkansas Code. Title 16. Subtitle 5. Section 105(5)
California 1 Year California Code of Civil Procedure. Part 2. Title 2. Section 340(c)
Colorado 1 Year Colorado Revised Statutes. Title 13. Section 103(a)
Connecticut 2 Years General Statutes of Connecticut. Title 52. Section 597
Delaware 2 Years Delaware Code. Title 10. Section 8119
District of Columbia 1 Year District of Columbia Official Code. Title 12. Section 301(4)
Florida 2 Years Florida Statutes. Title 8. Section 95.11(4)(g)
Georgia 1 Year Official Code of Georgia Annotated. Title 9. Section 33
Hawaii Two Years Hawaii Revised Statutes. Title 36. Section 657-4
Idaho Two Years Idaho Statutes. Title 5. Section 219(5)
Illinois 1 Year Illinois Compiled Statutes. Chapter 735. Article 13. Section 201
Indiana Two Years Indiana Code. Title 34. Article 11. Chapter 2. Section 4(1)
Iowa Two Years Iowa Code. Title 15. Chapter 614. Section 614.2
Kansas 1 Year Kansas Statutes Annotated. Chapter 60. Article 5. Section 60-513
Kentucky 1 Year Kentucky Revised Statutes. Title 36. Section 413.140(1)(d)
Louisiana 1 Year Louisiana Civil Code. Article 3492
Maine Two Years Maine Revised Statutes. Title 14. Section 753
Maryland 1 Year Maryland Code. Courts and Judicial Proceedings. Title 5. Section 105
Massachusetts Three Years Massachusetts General Laws. Part 3. Title V. Chapter 260. Section 2A
Michigan 1 Year Michigan Compiled Laws. Chapter 600. Section 5805(9)
Minnesota Two Years Minnesota Statutes. Chapter 541. Section 541.07(1)
Mississippi 1 Year Mississippi Code. Title 15. Chapter 1. Section 35
Missouri Two Years Missouri Revised Statutes. Title 35. Chapter 516. Section 140
Montana Two Years Montana Code Annotated. Title 27. Chapter 2. Section 204(3)
Nebraska 1 Year Nebraska Revised Statutes. Chapter 25. Section 208
Nevada Two Years Nevada Revised Statutes. Title 2. Chapter 11. Section 190(4)(c)
New Hampshire Three Years New Hampshire Statutes. Title 52. Chapter 508. Section 508.4(2)
New Jersey 1 Year New Jersey Statutes Annotated. Title 2A. Chapter 14. Section 14-3
New Mexico Three Years Chapter 37. Article 1. Section 8
New York 1 Year New York Code. Civil Practice Law and Rules. Article 2. Section 215(3)
North Carolina 1 Year North Carolina General Statutes. Chapter 1. Section 54(3)
North Dakota Two Years North Dakota Century Code. Title 28. Chapter 1. Section 18(1)
Ohio One Year Ohio Revised Code. Title 23. Section 2305.11(A)
Oklahoma One Year Oklahoma Statutes. Title 12. Section 95(A)(4)
Oregon One Year Oregon Revised Statutes. Title 2. Section 12.120(2)
Pennsylvania One Year Pennsylvania Code. Title 42. Section 5523(1)
Rhode Island One Year Rhode Island General Laws. Title 9. Section 1-14(a)
South Carolina Two Years South Carolina Code of Laws. Title 15. Section 3-550(1)
South Dakota Two Years South Dakota Codified Laws. Title 15. Section 2-15(1)
Tennessee Six months for slander; one year for libel Tennessee Code. Title 28. Sections 3-103, 3-104(a)(1)
Texas One Year Civil Practice and Remedies Code. Title 2. Section 16.002(a)
Utah One Year Utah Code. Title 78B. Section 2-302(4)
Vermont Three Years Vermont Statutes. Title 12. Section 512(3)
Virginia One Year Virginia Statutes. Title 8.01. Section 247.1
Washington Two Years Revised Code of Washington. Title 4. Section 16.100(1)
West Virginia Two Years West Virginia Code. Chapter 55. Section 2-12(b)
Wisconsin Three Years Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations. Chapter 893. Section 57
Wyoming One Year Wyoming Statutes Annotated. Title 1. Section 3-105(a)(5)(A)
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