Wee Man Isn’t Happy About Elf Man Illegal Downloading Lawsuits

illegal downloading elf-man lawsuits
Wee Man is not happy about Elf-Man Illegal Downloading Lawsuits.

Well, it looks like porn studios aren’t the only entertainment executives diving into the piracy litigation pool. One of the dare devils from the Jackass franchise, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, has found himself caught in the center of an online copyright infringement case. But the small-statured actor wants fans to know that he’s not the one behind the illegal downloading crackdown involving Elf-Man – a family-friendly DVD movie in which he stared.

New Rash Of Illegal Downloading Lawsuits: ELF-Man Downloaders Under Siege

A straight to DVD Christmas miracle, Elf-Man is a flick chronicling the high-jinx of a stranded Elf who helps the beleaguered Harper family have a happy Christmas. Now, I know what you’re thinking. A true Hollywood powerhouse like MGM or Miramax must be behind Elf-Man. But no, Elf-Man was the brain child of Elf-Man LLC – a small independent movie company. And now Elf-Man LLC is suing about 200 people in Oregon and Colorado – 200 people the small movie company says downloaded the Acuna movie using BitTorrent technology.

Wee Man Speaks Out Against Illegal Downloading Lawsuit

A true adversary of propriety himself (you don’t attempt the things they attempt on Jackass unless you have a healthy sense of going against the grain), Wee Man took Twitter to inform followers that he is not down with Elf-Man LLC’s litigious pursuits.

From WeeMan’s Twitter:

@massive my representation has spoken to them…I’m not backing it at all…Has NOTHING to do w/me!! It’s all them…

Elf-Man’s illegal downloading lawsuits seem to be following the standard piracy litigation script established by firms like Prenda Law, which have a history of representing so-called copyright trolls.

Elf-Man Illegal Downloading Lawsuit Features A New Plaintiff Argument

The Elf-Man illegal downloading lawsuits include a new – and arguably whinny – plaintiff argument. In a presumable attempt to frame the plaintiffs in a sympathetic, cash-poor light, the lawsuit specifically mentions the perception that movie people are loaded. It reads:

“When the perception that those affiliated with a motion picture are already wealthy, and the end product, such as a DVD costs very little to make, a reality disconnect often builds in the minds of much of the public, namely that those associated with a motion picture do not need any more money.”

Now That It’s Not Just Porn Companies Using The ‘Copyright Troll’ Playbook, Will Judges Soften?

Judges, for the most part, have been loath to give porn companies the upper hand in these illegal downloading lawsuits, but how will they handle claims from less salacious plaintiffs? Will courts find differently in cases that don’t involve adult entertainment – a controversial medium in it of itself? We’ll just have to wait and see. But in the meantime, know that Wee Man is not the man behind the Elf-Man illegal downloading lawsuit.

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