Social Media Defamation: Can I Sue The Creator Of A Facebook Group?

facebook logo to accompany a blog post discussing the question: can i sue the creator of a Facebook groupBelow, we answer some Facebook defamation questions, like “Can I sue the creator of a Facebook group?”

Can I Sue If Someone Defames Me On Their Personal or Business Facebook Page?

Yes. If a person publicly posts an untrue, harmful statement about you on Facebook, you can sue for libel.

opinion is not defamation
Remember: Opinion is NOT Defamation!

Opinion Is Not Defamation

Remember: Statements of opinion, parody, and satire, are not considered defamatory in the United States. Moreover, different standards of proof apply for public and private citizens.

Pay Mind To Defamation Statute of Limitations

Also, the defamation statute of limitations is short. So, if you’re serious about suing over Facebook defamation, start the process sooner rather than later.

Can I Sue The Creator Of A Facebook Group For Online Defamation?

Yes, if you know who created the group. If you only know your adversary’s online alias, a suit is still possible , it’ll just take a few extra steps.

People Don’t Have To Like You

Folks who don’t like you can shout, “I think you’re terrible!” Sharing opinions online is also fine. But it’s defamatory to spread inaccurate gossip.

Defamation Isn’t The Only Tort At Your  Disposal

Truthful, embarrassing statements may not be defamatory, but other civil torts – like right of publicity or false light – can sometimes be used when private, humiliating information is made public without authorization.

Can I Sue Facebook For Defamation?

The chances of winning a defamation lawsuit against Facebook — the corporation — are between slim and none. It’s not impossible, but the mega-corp – like all other websites – are protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

In simple terms, section 230 of the CDA provides safe harbor protection for ISPs and website operators in the event a third-party user posts defamatory material.

If An Individual Uses An Alias, Will Facebook Hand Over The Person’s Real Name?

anonymous defamation
YES! You can still sue the creator of a Facebook group or page even if you don’t, at first, have the individual’s name.

A website’s cooperation in a lawsuit always depends on the circumstances. Typically, websites won’t reveal identifiable information in service of personal lawsuits — unless directed by a U.S. court order. That said, as a matter of law, many site operators willingly lend a digital hand in cases of imminent danger.

Entangled In A Facebook Defamation Web?

If you’re looking to unmask an anonymous individual for the purposes of a defamation lawsuit, hire a libel lawyer with experience tracking down unknowns.

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