Golden Girl’s Parents File Defamation Lawsuit

gold medal defamation
Olympic Gold Medalist Tianna Madison Is Being Sued For Defamation By Her Parents. But Are They Doing It For The Money?

Some Olympians return home to ticker-tape parades;others get slapped with $50,000 defamation lawsuits.

Olympian’s Parents Sue For Slander

According to reports, the allegations surfaced during U.S. track and field star Tianna Madison’s pre-London 2010 Olympic interviews. The record-setting runner allegedly insinuated that her parents mismanaged money and once welcomed a known molester into their home.

The Details of the Defamation Lawsuit

Shocked by the allegations, Madison’s parents filed a defamation lawsuit, insisting that:

  1. They had spent approximately $100,000 supporting Tianna’s track and field career.
  2. They didn’t have any knowledge of any molestation of their daughter.

We Don’t Care About the Money,We Just Want Your Attention!

OK, so you may be thinking, “Boy, these parents sound like they’re taking advantage of their daughter’s success.” But Schott Schooler, the couples’ lawyer, says the opposite is true, insisting the only impetus is reconnecting with Tianna.

According to the claim, Madison’s parents allege:

  1. Their daughter’s behavior flip-flopped, at the alter, on account of her groom.
  2. The animosity reached a negative nadir when the husband supposedly sent a text message, to Tianna’s parents, about plans to expose their “controlling attitudes.” It’s unclear if any of these allegations are true.

How Did It All End?

In March 2013, Tianna’s parents’ lawyer released a statement. It read (in part):

“The parties and their representative announced that the parties will attempt to resolve this matter and the lawsuit will be dismissed prior to filing of an answer and counterclaim by Tianna Madison. There will be no monetary payment made by any party to any other party.

“The parties acknowledge that public comments and statements have been made that led to the legal dispute. At this time, Tianna Madison has expressed a desire to have no contact, business or otherwise, with [her family]. It is the hope of the family that they can bring about a resolution. The family will approach this matter with mutual hope and a spirit of forgiveness. The Madison family will hold fast to their hope and faith and their God.”

In other words, the parents dropped the case.

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