Our Simple Winning Strategy: Hard Work & Creative Solutions Will Get You Everywhere

The two main reasons Kelly / Warner wins is because 1) we work exceptionally hard and 2) we come up with creative solutions. Also, if you don’t have a solid legal leg to stand on, we’ll tell you, not string you along.

Internet Law Advantage: A Tech Background Is Required To Work At Kelly / Warner

All Kelly / Warner attorneys and support staff have strong tech backgrounds. Moreover, we have an in-house technologist to assist clients with digital discovery needs.

Arizona Based, With Clients Across The U.S., Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia

Kelly / Warner's main office is in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we work with clients in all 50 states, Canada, the U.K., other parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Hard Work, Candidness And Honesty Matter A Lot At Kelly / Warner Law

Yes, we're excellent lawyers & litigators. But perhaps more importantly, we're exceptionally straightforward, honest and hard working. Many clients have commented that our work ethic sets us above.

Big & Small, We Handle It All: Individuals, Businesses, Foundations, Professionals

Kelly / Warner represents individuals, businesses (mom-and-pop to Fortune 500), entrepreneurs and medical professionals in need of defamation, unfair competition, business and intellectual property legal assistance.

Kelly / Warner Law Is A Top-Rated Firm With An Excellent Reputation

Kelly / Warner maintains a 10-out-of-10 rating on AVVO.com, an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition to a preeminent AV-rank.


Internet and defamation law attorney Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly

Founding partner Aaron Kelly is a top-rated attorney and pioneer in the fields of Internet law, online trade libel and marketing law.   »

best business law litigator Daniel Warner

Daniel Warner

Partner Daniel Warner has a photographic memory and is one of the top Internet and business law litigators in the country.   »

Business lawyer Raees Mohamed

Raees Mohamed

Lawyer Raees Mohamed is an online privacy aficionado with a stellar business law resume. He makes money for clients.   »

Internet attorney Hansen Tong

Hansen Tong

Hansen Tong is the attorney you want on a tech law team; he worked with rocket scientists before joining Kelly / Warner.   »

Client Praise

Internet lawyer testimonialThe Kelly / Warner Law has been a pleasure to work with over the years. I can with confidence say they handle everything we have thrown at them quickly   »

internet lawyer testimonialAre you kidding me!? I run an online business and I wouldn't dream of going into a legal battle without Kelly / Warner Law!  »

Internet lawyer testimonialKelly / Warner is the firm to trust for legal advice. They're one of those few firms that many of the bigger players use but don’t boast about   »

Internet lawyer reviewWe had a domain issue, and a friend recommended Kelly Warner law. I'm so thankful you all were able to help me with my Internet law legal issue   »

Law Blog

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An introductory guide to defamation law for business owners.

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Sports Defamation Case Study: Ringside Doc v. WWE Champ

A doctor is suing a former WWE champion for defamation. Who will win?

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Internet Governance & International Internet Law Case Study

We helped crack an international online harassment case.

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Yelp Lawsuit Case Study: Finance Firm v. Yelp Reviewer

This is a case study of a Yelp lawsuit involving a brokerage firm.

Kelly / Warner Law Practice Areas

Startup & Business Law

Business & Startup Law

In today's marketplace, it’s essential to work with a multidisciplinary attorney well versed in business law, technology law, Internet law, intellectual property law, unfair competition law and defamation law. Kelly / Warner is such a firm.

Formation, Partnership Disputes, Corporate Governance, Startup Counsel, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contract Drafting, Dispute Negotiations Licensing and More

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Defamation Law Attorney

Defamation Law

Kelly / Warner’s online libel practice is active -- and we deliver for the people we represent. From online trade libel to individual harassment, our experienced Internet defamation lawyers will walk you through the process of getting defamatory, reputation damaging content removed from the Web.

Internet Defamation, Trade Libel, Defamation of Character, Social Media Defamation, Online Reputation and More

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Internet Law Attorney

Internet Law

Internet law is Kelly / Warner's foundation. Since opening our doors, our firm has focused on cyberlaw issues and worked closely with technology startups and digital entrepreneurs. We know online legal statutes like Steven Spielberg knows movies.

DMCA, CDA, UDRP, ROSCA, Cybersquatting, Cyberbullying, COPPA, Dot Com Disclosures, Online Privacy, Hacking Issues, Illegal Downloading, SPAM, Online Business Legalities

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Online Marketing Law

Marketing Law

As technology advances, so do online advertising regulations. Our marketing attorneys keep up-to-date with the latest FCC, FTC, state, federal and international statutes that affect businesses, in addition to digital and affiliate marketers. Kelly / Warner assists clients with all manners of online marketing legal situations, including campaign audits, advertising-related litigation and business formation for marketing firms.

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Trade Secret Law

Trade Secret Law

More and more, businesses are choosing to use trade secret protections as opposed to intellectual property protections. Inside, you’ll find a legal primer on trade secret law, plus answers to frequently asked questions. If you want to learn more about our trade secret legal practice, click through; if you’re ready to speak with an attorney about an issue, get in touch.

The Basics of Trade Secret Law & Attorney Contact

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Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property

In today’s marketplace, intellectual property can be worth its weight in bitcoin. Moreover, due to the Internet's transitory nature, trademark and copyright law is more nuanced than ever. Kelly / Warner maintains an online intellectual property legal practice. To learn more about the basics of Internet IP law, click through.

Internet Copyright, Trade Dress and Trademark Law & Attorneys

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