Oregon Defamation Laws and Standards

Picture of Oregon barn to accompany summary of Oregon defamation lawsHere’s a quick overview of Oregon defamation law.

Oregon Defamation Definition

OregonStateBar.org states:

Defamation is defined as a false statement communicated to another person that damages your reputation. Libel is communicating a defamatory statement by writing or picture, while slander is defamation by oral or spoken communication.

Chapter 31, Sections  31.200 to 31.230 of Oregon’s statutes  outline the State’s defamation standards.

“Published”, under Oregon defamation law, means a statement transmitted to at least one other person in some way.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

As is the case across the country, Oregon’s slander and libel standards are different for famous people and non-famous people. Or, in legal terms “public figures” and “private figures.”

What’s the difference? Well, public figure plaintiffs must prove actual malice to win a slander or libel lawsuit. What is actual malice? In the simplest of terms, actual malice means knowingly publishing or broadcasting a harmful lie.

Further Reading

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