TMZ Defamation: A Bachelor’s Revenge

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Well, well, well, look at this TMZ defamation case! A TV bachelor slapped the notorious gossip website with an online defamation lawsuit. He wants $20 million over paint sniffing accusations.

TMZ Defamation Case: Bachelor Alum v. Gossip Website

Kasey Kahl is his name; “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” are his fame. On August 12, 2012, police arrested Kahl on two counts felony assault, one count felony battery, and one count public intoxication.

Harvey Levin’s media minions, with their finely tuned smut sensors, jumped on the story.

TMZ reported that Kahl was high on toluene – the potent ingredient in paint thinner. But it turns out he wasn’t. Eventually, TMZ admitted its mistake and recanted the statements. But Kahl wasn’t satisfied.

TMZ Defamation Case: The Site Is Too Powerful To Let This Slide!

Kahl is convinced of TMZ’s influence, claiming the single post irreparably cemented his legacy as the “paint thinner guy.” Kahl attached a healthy dollar amount to this alleged infraction —  $20 million for libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Since Kahl is a “celebrity” (the courts don’t differentiate between real thespians and reality fame-seekers), for him to win this TMZ defamation lawsuit, he’ll have to prove actual malice.

Outcome Of The Kasey Kahl TMZ Defamation Case

Who won this online defamation case? TMZ. The gossip site’s legal counsel convinced a judge to dismiss the case on anti-SLAPP grounds.

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