Advertising and Marketing Law:
Regulations and Guidelines

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Promoting products and services means adhering to FTC rules and regulations. Non-compliance can result in substantial fines and enforceable professional bans.

We help clients avoid FTC fines and work with parties under investigation for unfair and deceptive marketing.

As advertising and marketing law attorneys, Kelly / Warner makes sure clients avoid compliance fines. We also assist parties under investigation by the FTC.

"If you are in online marketing and not using these guys.. You are missing out!" -Ben B.

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Advertising and Marketing Compliance Saves Money

Invest in an online marketing compliance review before launching a promotional campaign.

An online marketing lawyer can make sure you're operating above the fray by:

  • Reviewing ads, social media campaigns, and websites to ensure they meet FTC standards.
  • Inspecting promotional language. If you're fast and loose with marketing copy, the FTC may come knocking.
  • Legally monitoring the efforts of your affiliate marketing partners. (Yes, the FTC holds operators responsible for the machinations of affiliates.)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Investigation Counsel & Defense

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is tasked with ridding the U.S. marketplace of "unfair and deceptive" marketing.

What should you do if the FTC launches an investigation into you or your business?

  • Don't contact the FTC without the advice of a lawyer; you could say something that may hurt your case in the long run;
  • Gather materials and make copies; and
  • Stay calm. An investigation is just that, an investigation -- not a conviction.

Online Marketing & Advertising Law: Case Studies, News and Legal Information

Are you familiar with the Dot Com Disclosures? How about the FTC’s Native Advertising Guidelines? Do you know the slight difference between “puffery” (which is acceptable) and an “unsubstantiated claim” (which is not)? What about cross-border considerations?

Online marketing is a giant part of the e-commerce industry. So, to help business owners keep up-to-date in the space, we created this blog and filled it with helpful information for website operators, sellers, and marketers. Bookmark and check back weekly.

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