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Welcome to the Kelly / Warner law blog. Each week, we post reviews and analysis of recent and significant lawsuits, in addition to opinions and general legal advice related to Internet, unfair competition, marketing, business / startup, intellectual property and defamation law. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, send in a suggestion!

Defamation Law 101: A Two-Minute Legal Guide

The Four Pillars of Defamation Law (AKA, What You Must Prove To Win A Defamation Lawsuit) Legally, defamation is more than just “trash talk”; it’s an unprivileged and false statement of fact that causes the subject material or reputational harm. At the bare minimum, in the United States, to a win a slander (spoken defamation) Read More

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Sports Defamation Case Study: Ringside Doc v. WWE Champ

WWE star CM Punk is being sued by a ringside doctor. Defamation is the charge. The doc didn’t like what Punk said, on a podcast, about the WWE’s medical services.

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Internet law blog: International online harassment case study

We Helped Crack an International Internet Law Case

Kelly / Warner Law was part of the legal team that cracked an international internet harassment lawsuits. Click through to read more about the case and our Internet law legal practice.

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Internet law blog: Yelp lawsuit case study

Yelp Lawsuit Case Study: Finance Firm v. Yelp Reviewer

Yelp lawsuit case study. Internet lawyer who handles business defamation and trade libel issues deconstructs a recent lawsuit between a brokerage firm and an unknown Yelp reviewer.

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Internet law blog: trade secret law general

Trade Secret Law 101: A Legal Introductory Guide

Kelly / Warner handles trade secret law issues for startups, businesses and entrepreneurs. This is an introduction to trade secret law, which lays out all the basics, that will take you two minutes to read.

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cybersquatting case on Internet law Blog

Cybersquatting Case Study: playboy v. Playboy

A London-based real estate agent thought he’d get away with registering the URL Playboy.London. But the WIPO sided with Team Heff. Click through to find out more about this cybersquatting lawsuit.

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Internet law blog: sports defamation case study

Sports Defamation: Lindros v. Stewart

Eric Lindros sued referee Paul Stewart for defamation. The retired NHL player is not happy about a blog post penned by Stewart in which the ref paints the former power forward as an acerbic, egomaniac who put personal, petty grudges above charity.

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online poker introduction on Internet law blog

Online Poker Legal Update For Early March 2015

Legislators across the country are passing online harassment laws left and right. But what many state governments want to do, but can’t agree on, are online poker legalization bills. Click through for a quick update on the latest online poker legalization news.

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Famous Trade Secret Lawsuit Case Studies

Examples of three trade secret lawsuits. One case study looks at a company v. company defamation suit, another at an employer v. former employee claim, and finally a trade secret lawsuit involving two game development teams.

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Malpractice Suit Leads To Defamation Suit

One of the more common types of professional defamation lawsuits is doctor v. doctor defamation cases. And more often than not, professional medical libel suits stem from a malpractice lawsuit. This blog post is a case study of a semi-recent doctor defamation lawsuit. We’ll review the case, then go over what one has to prove to win a professional defamation lawsuit.

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Fair Use Storm, Ranger Exec Scorns: MMPR Copyright

A copyright battle is a-brewing in Hollywood. It’s the battle of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers versus a parody producing director. The situation raises questions about fair use as it relates to famous franchises. A since one party issued a DMCA take down notice, it’s also a good study in online copyright law.

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Business Law Case Study: Parigi v. Puma

Trade Libel Example: Parigi v. Puma Lawsuit

Two clothing companies — Puma and Parigi — are going head-to-legal-head over a licensing agreement. A lawsuit involving both trade libel and trade secret law, Parigi v. Puma is a textbook case study in unfair competition legal jockeying.

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