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Internet and tech law blog: esports NBA league

NBA Esports League Set For 2018

The NBA is jumping into the esports ocean and starting its own league.

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tech and internet law blog: Illinois' new online privacy law

Illinois Digital Data Privacy Law

Illinois may be about to get a new online privacy law.

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Tech law blog: amazon great for retail

Mogul: Amazon Great For Brick and Mortar

Respected mogul insists Amazon is great for brick and mortar retail.

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Tech law blog: esports season 2017

Summer Esports Events (Partial) Schedule

A quick roundup of upcoming esports events.

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Esports Contracts: Avoid Bad Ones

Read about the basics of esport contract negotiations.

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College Esports: Scholarships

Colleges are developing esports programs at breakneck speed.

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Internet law: social media influencer rules

FTC Punishes Influencers That Don’t Disclose

Are you a social media influencer? If so, are you compliant?

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internet law blog: online product counterfeiting

Alibaba Counterfeits: A Legal Overview

Many stateside businesses are finding knockoffs of their products on

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esports lawyer

Esports at the 2022 Asian Games

It’s happening. Esports will be an official medal event in the world’s 2nd largest sport gathering.

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Esports Venues Are Spreading Across U.S.

Esports venues are opening across the country to accommodate the growing audiences.

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Google’s De-Indexing Policy Change

Google changed its defamation de-indexing policy, which could have an effect on Internet defamation cases.

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Esports: Will China's Law Proposal Hurt Gamers?

A new Chinese law proposal could be a hindrance for professional gamers in the country.

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