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Welcome to the Kelly / Warner law blog. Each week, we post reviews and analysis of recent and significant lawsuits, in addition to opinions and general legal advice related to Internet, unfair competition, marketing, business, intellectual property, startup and defamation law. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, send in a suggestion!

Famous Trade Secret Lawsuit Case Studies

Examples of three trade secret lawsuits. One case study looks at a company v. company defamation suit, another at an employer v. former employee claim, and finally a trade secret lawsuit involving two game development teams.

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Malpractice Suit Leads To Defamation Suit

One of the more common types of professional defamation lawsuits is doctor v. doctor defamation cases. And more often than not, professional medical libel suits stem from a malpractice lawsuit. This blog post is a case study of a semi-recent doctor defamation lawsuit. We’ll review the case, then go over what one has to prove to win a professional defamation lawsuit.

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Fair Use Storm, Ranger Exec Scorns: MMPR Copyright

A copyright battle is a-brewing in Hollywood. It’s the battle of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers versus a parody producing director. The situation raises questions about fair use as it relates to famous franchises. A since one party issued a DMCA take down notice, it’s also a good study in online copyright law.

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Business Law Case Study: Parigi v. Puma

Trade Libel Example: Parigi v. Puma Lawsuit

Two clothing companies — Puma and Parigi — are going head-to-legal-head over a licensing agreement. A lawsuit involving both trade libel and trade secret law, Parigi v. Puma is a textbook case study in unfair competition legal jockeying.

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Revenge P-rn Law News: February 2015

Lately, everybody seems to be talking about so-called “revenge p-rn.” And legislators are quickly passing bills outlawing the behavior. Click through for a list of the revenge p-rn law news that made headlines this month.

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Internet law blog: defamation case study

Doctor Defamation Case Study: Dr. v. Lawyers

A doctor with a history of bribing politicians launched a last-ditch reputation-saving effort against a cabal of attorneys. Can he win?

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California online privacy law list

List of California's Online Privacy Laws

California welcomed 2015 with a slew of new online privacy laws. If you run a commercial website – or otherwise collect personal data about users – there’s a good chance you’re beholden to California’s online privacy laws. But why? You don’t operate out of California, right? Wrong. California’s online privacy laws aren’t only for websites Read More

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Difference between U.S. and Canadian Defamation Law

What is the main difference between United States and Canadian online defamation law? Click through to find out.

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Yelp lawyer

Is Yelp Scamming Businesses? The FTC Says “No.”

In this post you’ll find: Is Yelp scamming businesses via their advertising model? “Next step” advice for people who are dealing with a negative review on Yelp! Dear FTC: Is Yelp Scamming Businesses or Not? “Yelp! (“Yelp”) is a pay-for-play sham!” For years, that was the word on the digital street. So, the Federal Trade Read More

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COPPA lawyer explains online privacy legal audit

Non-U.S. Companies Must Follow COPPA Regulations

Do non-U.S. companies have to follow rules and regulations laid out by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission? If a company is selling a product or service that U.S. residents can buy, then said business is beholden to FTC regulations. This blog post is about a Chinese company that may have to pay a huge fine for COPPA violations.

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Mogul v. Mogul Defamation Lawsuit Case Study

Kelly / Warner handles professional defamation lawsuits. As such, on our blog, we like to review business reputation cases in the news. This one is about casino mogul Steve Wynn and financier Jim Chanos.

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