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doctor sues hospital for defamation

Case Study: Doctor Sues Hospital For Defamation

A Florida doctor recently won a high-dollar defamation lawsuit. His victory just goes to show that, sometimes, moving forward with a slander or libel lawsuit is the wise choice. Doctor Sues Hospital Over Statement Dr. Michael Ederer used to do work at the North Okaloosa Medical Center (“NOMC”) where David Fuller is the CEO. It Keep Reading »

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fake review lawyer and legalities

10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Fake Reviews

Here’s the bottom line on fake reviews: They’re more trouble than they’re worth. More and more, marketers are testing fate on this point; more and more, people who do are getting caught. So, to help you stay on the right side of regulations, pay heed to these ten tips – from an Internet lawyer – Keep Reading »

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Texas defamation news and lawyer contact information

Texas Defamation Roundup: A Topix Scandal & A Sports Showdown

Maybe it’s old fashioned pride or perhaps Texans enjoy a spot of gossip. Regardless, the Lone Star State is birthplace to many a defamation lawsuit. In this blog post, we’ll review a pair of reputation-related cases grabbing headlines in Texas. To read, keep scrolling. If you’re ready to speak with a Texas defamation attorney about Keep Reading »

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affiliate marketing laws: brand liability

Affiliate Marketing Laws: Brands Are Responsible For Affiliates

Brands Are Responsible For Affiliate Actions The Federal Trade Commission has made its position crystal clear: Brands and marketers are responsible for their affiliates’ actions. Full stop. No excuses. The FTC’s stance raises a fundamental online marketing legal question: How are businesses supposed to closely monitor every single one of their affiliates — especially brands Keep Reading »

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Android App Developer Lawsuit Example & Lawyer Contact Info

App developer lawsuit example. This post summarizes the key points of a trade libel lawsuit between two mobile app developers. Plus, app developer lawyer contact information.

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Cybersquatting Cases and Lawyer Contact

The latest cybersquatting law news. Plus, an easy-to-understand summary of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

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is it defamatory to say people were fired if they quit

Defamation Law: Is It Defamatory To Say People Were Fired If They Quit?

Is it defamatory to say people were fired if they quit? A former PayPal employee is suing to find out. Are his arguments valid? Read summary and analysis.

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fake review websites are illegal

Are Fake Review Websites Legal? Can Affiliates Use Them?

Is it legal to use fake review websites as a marketing tool? What is affiliates use them to promote your business? We explain the law inside.

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Nevada defamation law

Is A Nevada Defamation Law Change On The Way?

Nevada legislators may vote to make it easier for Nevada businesses to sue detractors for defamation. But is the bill also a threat to free speech?

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Texas Defamation Law Change: Whistle-blowing Parameters

Texan legislators waived through a defamation bill, and Gov. Greg Abbott singed it into law at the end of May. It affects cases that involve whistle-blowing.

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can you be prosecuted for things you say online?

Can You Be Prosecuted For Things You Say Online?

Can you be prosecuted for things you say online? In a word: “Yes.” Some would argue it happened to Gilberto Valle. Do you agree? Which side are you on?

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Arizona data breach notification law

Explained: The Arizona Data Breach Notification Law

Arizona’s personal data breach notification law. If you’re hacked or otherwise breached, Arizona requires you to notify the affected people. Hacking. Stolen Computer. Bad Email. All AZ businesses need to follow this law.

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