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Welcome to the Kelly / Warner law blog. Each week, we post reviews and analysis of recent and significant lawsuits, in addition to opinions and general legal advice related to Internet, unfair competition, marketing, business / startup, intellectual property and defamation law. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, send in a suggestion!

Internet law blog: online marketing law advice

Are Fake News Sites Legal or Illegal?

A recent online marketing court ruling dramatically affects how affiliates and online marketers do business. If you’re one of the two, this article is must read.

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Internet law blog: yelp documentary on the way

"Billion Dollar Bully": A Critical Film About Yelp

Yelp: Is it is a scam or a cost-effective marketing tool? The makers of a new documentary called “Billion Dollar Bully” have tackled the question. Click through to read more about the film small business owners are eagerly waiting for.

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Internet law issue: .suck sites

Think Before You .SUCK

It’s been in the words for a few years, and it is finally happening — .suck is now an available generic top-level domain option. But before you .suck, learn about the legal limits of what you can — and should — say or do with such sites.

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employment defamation case example

Employment Defamation Example

Kelly / Warner often handles business, professional and employment defamation cases. This blog post is a case study about an employment libel lawsuit. We summarize the case and then go over the basics of how to win an employment defamation lawsuit.

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Internet law blog: twitter online harassment

Social Media’s Stand Against Revenge Porn

So-called “revenge porn” has become a huge problem — everywhere. So, in an effort to combat the problem, social media platforms, like Twitter, are taking a stand via their terms of service agreements.

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Law Blog: business defamation case study

Business Defamation Case Study: Battle of the Conglomerates

Two giant conglomerates are embroiled in a business v. business defamation lawsuit.

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Cybersquatting Cases: Criminal Domain Seizure

Cybersquatting crimes are making a comeback. Since the federal government passed the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act back during the dawn of the Web, things have been quiet on that front. But the current global climate has ushered in a new way of criminal cybersquatters.

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Internet law blog: dentist online copyright clause patient contracts

Online Copyright Clauses Are Now Unenforceable

Several years ago, many dentists started using contracts that took control of patients’ online reviews. Those contracts are no longer enforceable. Click through to find out what you should do if you’re using one of those contracts.

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Internet law blog: online troll fake review case study

Paid Online Review Writer Is Probably Going To Jail

Don’t think it’s a big deal to write fake online reviews? Think again. This is the true story of a guy who posted a negative and false review on the Google page of a lawyer. Now, jail time is on the table as a punishment.

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Law Blog: Trade secret introduction

Trade Secrets: What Entrepreneurs Need To Know

What are trade secrets? This is a legal guide — for non-lawyers — about trade secret law. It explains what trade secrets are and gives examples. Contact information for a trade secrets lawyer.

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Internet law blog: Arizona Crowdfunding

Arizona Crowdfunding Law and Lawyer

Arizona may soon have a new crowdfunding law on the books. And it would make starting-up in the state a bit easier. Click through to learn more.

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Internet law attorney

New Internet Law Update: Florida and Louisiana

A new Internet law is on the way in Louisiana, and Florida is hoping to pass its own, too. Click through to learn more about the two newest state Internet laws of 2015.

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