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Internet business law blog: trade secret bill proposal

Time To Start Rethinking Your Trade Secret Strategy?

Are you trade secret reliant? If yes, take two minutes to read this post. Why? Well, federal Representatives OK’d a bill that, if fully passed, may impact your intellectual property protection strategy. Summary of Proposed Trade Secret Law: Addition Of Federal Jurisdiction Privileges Dubbed the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), it’s been described as the … Continue reading It May Be Time To Rethink Your Trade Secret Strategy. Legislation is Looming.

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Internet Law: FBA business issues

3 Reasons How Starting An FBA Business Could Increase Happiness

Searching for a viable way to earn money online? Look no further than Amazon’s FBA business program! In 2015 alone, FBA sellers shipped over a billion items to more than 185 countries. Experts predict it’ll be a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2020. Now is the time to jump in. What Is an FBA Business? FBA stands … Continue reading 3 Reasons How Starting An FBA Business Could Increase Happiness

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Is Shenzhen poised to become another international startup stronghold?

IoT Startup City Spotlight: Shenzhen, China

Every so often, we take a minute to highlight a city or country gaining popularity in the startup community. Last time, we discussed Estonia. Today, let’s take a look at Shenzhen — China’s booming IoT haven. Where is it? A short 40km north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen was the first city to be declared a … Continue reading IoT Startup City Spotlight: Shenzhen, China

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Internet Law Blog

Advice From E-Commerce Lawyer: Yes, Amazon Sues Fake Reviewers

Online Marketing Legal Reminder: Avoid using and writing paid reviews for Why? Well, you could be sued or banned! Amazon is cracking down on phony feedback. Not only is it suing fake review services, but also suspending complicit seller accounts. In fact, just the other day, Amazon announced a lawsuit against a group of … Continue reading Advice From E-Commerce Lawyer: Yes, Amazon Sues Fake Reviewers

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Internet law blog: native advertising reminder

Native Advertising Rules Are Now In Effect (And The FTC Is On The Hunt)!

Don’t Let The FTC Decimate Your Profits A quick reminder. Native advertising rules are now in effect! At the end of 2015, the Federal Trade Commission published native advertising (promotional content designed to mimic editorial content) guidelines. Before the release, websites profited from native advertising blocks that fell under headlines like “Promoted Content” — basically, … Continue reading Reminder: Native Advertising Rules Are Now In Effect (And The FTC Is On The Hunt)!

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Internet Law Blog: All Natural marketing legalities

Don’t Use “All Natural” If It Isn’t & Five Other Marketing Rules

Today on our Internet law blog, let’s discuss a few rules related to online marketing. Specifically, use of the term “all natural.”

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Internet law blog: Amazon Tax State Laws

Did Louisiana Legislators Ruin Startup Economy With An Amazon Tax?

Louisiana passed an Amazon tax. Will it affect the state’s startup economy? Did legislators make a mistake? Quick read.

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contact a defamation lawyer

10 Fascinating Facts & Thoughts About Online Defamation

Online defamation causes serious harm to victims. Click through to read about how juries are awarding victims more money because of it.

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Internet law blog: e-commerce price anchoring case study

Private Label Law: Price Anchoring Explanation & Warning

Online clothing store Zulily caught a class action, courtesy of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The alleged offense? Price anchoring. What’s price anchoring, you ask? Let’s break it down. What Is Price Anchoring? Everyone loves a sale. Deals compel us to part with money. So, what’s a sly way to make consumers think they’ve … Continue reading Private Label Law: Price Anchoring Explanation & Warning

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Internet law blog: amazon review legalities

Amazon Reviews: Can They Be Trusted? Can You Buy Them?

Team members from BestReviews recently analyzed 360,000 consumer posts on Their conclusion? Amazon is flooded with 4- and 5-star reviews, which raised the question: “Can Amazon reviews be trusted?”The answer: Yes, but be aware. The team observed that: 66.3% of Amazon user ratings are 4- or 5-stars; A “verified purchase” doesn’t mean “full price … Continue reading Offering Discounts For Honest Amazon Reviews Is Fine; Paying For Bogus Reviews Isn’t

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Internet law blog: social media marketing regulations

Use Promotional Hashtags In Tweets, Posts & ‘Grams

The Federal Trade Commission slapped retailer Lord & Taylor for flouting marketing guidelines. Remember folks: use promotional hashtags. The Social Media Campaign That Got Lord & Taylor in Trouble Product: A paisley dress from Lord & Taylor’s Design Lab collection. Marketing Tactic #1: Shelled out money — and a free dress — to 50 social … Continue reading Online Marketing Legal Reminder: Use Promotional Hashtags In Tweets, Posts & ‘Grams

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Internet law blog: Alibaba news and updates

Five Things Online Sellers Should Know About Alibaba Right Now

Alibaba is a key component in many private label businesses. If it’s part of yours, take two minutes to read through this summary about the latest Alibaba news and how it could affect you.

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