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Internet and technology law blog: SEC crypto alert

Takeaways From The SEC ICO Alert

The Securities and Exchange Commission released a cryptocurrency investment alert.

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Washington cryptocurrency laws

Washington Cryptocurrency

Washington State passed a registration law that affects certain fintech companies.

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law blog: natural marketing

The “All Natural” Marketing Conundrum

Marketing lawsuits having to do with the word “natural” are skyrocketing.

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New Hampshire Cryptocurrency Law

New Hampshire Cryptocurrency Law

New Hampshire is courting fintech and blockchain startups with business-friendly laws.

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initial coin offerings

Introduction to Initial Coin Offerings

Cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings are revolutionizing the finance market.

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technology law blog

DE Passes Pro-Blockchain Law

Delaware updated its financial code to ensure that blockchain startups don’t face hurdles in their state.

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blockchain law blog post

Kazakhstan's Blockchain Business Dreams

Kazakhstan wants to become a blockchain business hub.

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Blockchain law blog post

ICO Hacks: CoinDash Takes $7 Million Hit

A security breach cost CoinDash’s ICO about $7 million.

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Internet law blog:ashley madison hacking class action settlement

Ashley Madison Settles Class Action

A settlement may have been reached in the Ashley Madison online privacy breach class action.

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Amazon Censured Over Apps For Kids

Amazon settled with the FTC in COPPA violation case.

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Is It Legal To Post Online Reviews Of My Product?

Is it OK to post reviews of your own products? Click through to find out.

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Internet law blog: cryptocurrency legal issues

10 Cryptocurrency Questions, Answered

An introduction to cryptocurrency legal issues.

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