It Is Possible To Get Content Removed From The Internet

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, the number of online libel lawsuits has skyrocketed.

Gripe and review websites are a thorn in the side of many businesses; individuals are not being hired because of defamatory online content.

A ruined rep is just a tweet or nasty blog comment away – which means it’s important to legally address any and all libelous statements ASAP. The longer words fester, the more damage they can do.

Hiring a knowledgeable Internet defamation lawyer -- with considerable offline defamation litigation experience -- is the first step in fighting back.

Defamation 101: The Basic Elements of Defamation

To prevail in Internet defamation lawsuits plaintiffs must:

  1. Show that the defendant is the party who published the statement;
  2. Prove that the statement is/was false;
  3. Prove that they were harmed by the statement;
  4. Demonstrate that the defendant did not verify the truthfulness of their assertions.

Celebrities and public figures must meet a higher standard to win defamation lawsuits -- the standard of "actual malice." Go here to read more about actual malice.

Free Speech v. Defamation

Free speech is an important consideration in U.S. defamation law. In many cases, individuals are unfairly asked to remove material that qualifies as free speech or fair comment. In those instances, the best representation to seek is a firm with both defamation prosecution and defense experience.

Libel v. Slander

There are two main categories of defamation: libel and slander. Libel is the publication of false statements via words or images. Slander is the verbal version of defamation. A malicious and false statement made by one person regarding another person is slanderous.

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Defamation Law Basics

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