Oilmen Embroiled In Environmental Facebook Defamation Lawsuit

facebook defamation case
Two oilmen are embroiled in an online defamation lawsuit.

A Facebook defamation lawsuit involving an environmental dispute between two moguls has made its way to a United States court. Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm filed a lawsuit against Mickey Thompson, an “Oklahoma City oilman.”

The Post That Sparked A Facebook Defamation Lawsuit

On June 24, Mickey Thompson allegedly took to his Facebook page and posted the following message with a link:

The Oklahoma oil industry has been wrong and late to the dance on induced seismicity. Hamm’s usual insightfulness has been missing on this issue. As for philanthropy, Hamm has been hugely generous to OU. But the fact remains he tried to squelch OGS efforts to establish good science on seismicity.

Apparently displeased with Thompson’s insinuations, Hamm opted to file a Facebook defamation lawsuit.

At the time of this writing, very little information has been released about the case, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Politicians love to talk about environmental issues – especially in an election year – so it will be interesting to see if this suit becomes a tempest in a teapot.

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