Trade Secret Law: 2-Minute Crash Course

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Kelly / Warner maintains a trade secret law practice, with a concentration in Internet law.

What differentiates trade secret protection from other intellectual property protections – like patents and copyrights? Several things, but most importantly: Federal registration isn’t required for trade secrets to be 100% enforceable.

Basic Trade Secret Definition: What You Must Prove To Win A Trade Secret Case

To win a trade secret misappropriation case, plaintiffs must satisfy the preponderance of evidence established in both case law and the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

  • Existence: In order to win a trade secret law case, plaintiffs must prove that the material under review was confidential information and that the defendant knew it was confidential information.
  • Access: A plaintiff must prove that the defendant had access to the material.
  • Notice: A plaintiff can’t win a case unless he or she can prove that the defendant knew the information was private and purposefully kept from public knowledge.
  • Use: Claimants must prove that defendants used the trade secret under review.

Confidentiality Agreements Ensure Actionability

Mere W-2 status within an organization is not an automatic confidentiality contract. An additional agreement – that clearly outlines the parameters of a given trade secret – is needed to win in court. Without signed terms, a judge may deem that a trade secret, which was developed BY an employee, to be the property of an employee, not a company.

Kelly / Warner: Trade Secret Law Attorneys

Kelly / Warner law works with startups and businesses on various trade secret issues. We’ve successfully secured emergency injunctions, drafted air-tight confidentiality agreements to ensure trade secret validity, and represented clients – as both plaintiffs and defendants – in trade secret lawsuits.

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