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"Founding partners Raees Mohamed and Daniel Warner began their internet and corporate law journey together at Kelly / Warner Law, a top-rated law firm. When their previous partner, Aaron Kelly, decided to launch a successful start-up of his own, Raees and Dan couldn't slow down. They decided to continue the legacy of helping entrepreneurs and grow the firm, and thus RM Warner Law was born. As entrepreneurs in their own right, they understand what it takes to make a business thrive and navigate through tough times. Valuing loyalty, growth, and innovation, the lawyers at RM Warner never shy from a challenge and are dedicated to helping you and your businesses achieve excellence."

"This is the only law firm I've actually enjoyed dealing with. Good people. Killer lawyers. Awesome service." - John H.

Kelly / Warner Internet law focuses on business, online defamation, e-commerce, online marketing, technology, and esports issues.

Our Internet law attorneys help individuals, businesses, startups, marketers, designers, developers, esports athletes, and entrepreneurs establish corporate entities, negotiate contracts, neutralize defamatory reviews, stop product counterfeiters, secure intellectual property, handle data breach legalities, fight back against online reputation attacks, and more.

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E-commerce Business Issues

Listing Hijackings
Counterfeit Issues
Account Suspensions

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Startup & Business

Business Formation
Unfair Competition

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Advertising & Marketing

FTC Compliance
Advertising Audits
Social Media Marketing

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Online Reputation

Trade Libel
Online Reviews
Internet Defamation

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Intellectual Property Issues

Online Copyright
Business Trademarks
Domain Disputes
Publicity Rights

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Online Review Legalities

Consumer Feedback
Review Removal
Gripe Site Issues
Unfair Competition

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esports & Gaming

Contract Drafting
Contract Disputes
Athlete Representation
Sponsorship Counsel

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International Internet Law

Cross-Border Disputes
Jurisdictional Coverage
Digital Border

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Internet Law Practice Areas: What We Do

Online Unfair Competition Icon

Unfair Competition

Business can be a battle. And sometimes, the only option -- the best option -- is to fight back using the law, because nobody has the right to steal profits or unjustly demolish reputations. We represent targets of unfair competition, and occasionally defend wrongly accused parties.

Internet business Law Icon

Internet Business

Working with online businesses is a passion. Our Internet business lawyers help clients with matters related to consumer reviews, website policies, online copyright, online privacy, Internet defamation, and other Internet law regulations.

Internet Marketing and Advertising Law Icon

Marketing Law

To avoid crushing fines, brands and marketers must follow both traditional advertising statutes and digital promotional rules. We conduct campaign audits, to ensure state, federal, and, if needed, international compliance.

Online Reputation Legalities

Online Reputation

As one of the first firms to concentrate on Internet reputation, Kelly / Warner has assisted countless businesses and individuals with myriad online defamation challenges. We represent businesses, professionals, and individuals who’ve been unfairly disparaged online.

ecommerce Legalities

Online Private Label

A subset of the Internet business milieu, the private label e-commerce niche is booming. The partners of Kelly / Warner have been entrenched in the space since its infancy, and assist clients with everything from setting up corporate shells to nullifying counterfeiters.



Esports growth is exciting. The attorneys at Kelly / Warner grew up gaming, are still avid enthusiasts, and very much enjoy working with esports athletes. Whether you need a contract negotiated or someone to solve a team dispute, Kelly / Warner is here to help.

Candid, Effective, and Connected Internet Lawyers

We don't let clients waste money. If your case, business plan, or marketing campaign is a legal or regulatory non-starter, we'll let you know immediately -- not string you along.

When appropriate, we'll tap our extensive network of attorneys, tech luminaries, marketers, and programmers to craft creative Internet law solutions and efficient, profitable workarounds, tailored to your situation.

With Us, You Get Better-Than-Big-Firm Work, For A Fraction Of The Price.

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"Kelly / Warner has always provided awesome service and got back to me promptly about any questions or concerns I had. They definitely don't give off a creepy money grubbing lawyer vibe like a lot of lawyers I have worked with in the past. Would recommend this firm to all of my friends." -HT

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