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Learn more about Kelly / Warner Law's practice areas, litigation philosophy and the type of clients we represent.

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Well-connected and top-rated, with enviable litigation track records. Learn more about the attorneys of Kelly / Warner Law.

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Interested in the latest business law, Internet law, competition law and defamation law news? Check out our law blog.

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Kelly / Warner Law Practice Areas

  • Defamation & Unfair Competition Law

  • Online Defamation
  • Trade Libel
  • Trade Secrets
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unfair Competition
  • Antitrust
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright Law

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Licensing
  • Illegal Downloading
  • Trade Dress
  • Cybersquatting
  • Entrepreneur, Startup & Business Law

  • Business Formation
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Video Game & Tech
  • Bankruptcy
  • Internet Law & Marketing Law

  • Online Privacy
  • Revenge Porn
  • Online Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • FTC Compliance

Latest From The Law Blog

Trade Libel: What To Do When A Competitor Posts A Bad Review

online trade libel lawyers

"A competitor posted a terrible online review about my business. What are my legal options?" It's a question we hear often, and the answer is, "file an online trade libel lawsuit -- you're chances of winning are high."

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Classification Marketing Defamation: A New Type Of Online Business Libel

marketing defamation

As business continues to move online, the number of trade libel and business defamation cases are increasing. This post is about an interesting, and decidedly 21st century, professional defamation lawsuit, which can fairly be described as "classification marketing defamation."

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Professional Defamation Case Study: Resigned CFO v. Remaining Executives

professional defamation lawsuit attorney

A CFO for a major corporation file a professional defamation lawsuit against his former employer over accusations made in the Wall Street Journal. Can he win?

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Gripe Site Cases: The Charles Schwab Defamation Lawsuit

Earlier this month, a gripe site defamation lawsuit rocked the finance world. Well-known financier, Charles Schwab, sued over a handful of websites accusing him and his son of partnering with a murderous, international playboy. Jump in, it's a wild story.

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Dance Moms Defamation: A Look At The Case That Could Have Been

Are you ready for a little levity? Well then sit back, relax and click through for a video blog about the slander event of the century that will never be -- the Dance Moms defamation trial!

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Hey Tech Startups! Ever Think About Basing Your Business In Estonia?

Estonia is a wired country. Even the nation's woodlands are WIFI enabled. And it's looking to attract online businesses to its digital shores. Do you qualify?

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Kelly / Warner is a well-respected, top-rated law firm for 21st century businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs. We also represent private individuals dealing with online defamation, revenge porn and cyberbullying challenges.

Client Locales

Kelly / Warner represents businesses and individuals in all 50 states, Europe, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

Practice Areas & Team

Our law firm focuses on business, Internet, competition, marketing, intellectual property and libel law. All Kelly / Warner attorneys and staff are exceptionally tech-savvy; we even have a programmer on staff to assist with digital forensic needs.

Why We Win

The key to Kelly / Warner' success? 1) We don't take cases we know are duds, 2) our connections often prove invaluable to the parties we represent, and 3) Kelly / Warner crafts creative solutions unique to clients' needs. More »