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    Arizona Bankruptcy law Kelly / Warner Law is a legal practice for people who value quality and efficiency. We understand legal matters are a time suck that can wreak havoc on your business and personal life. Our aim is to reduce your legal ...
    Arizona Business and Internet Lawyer Testimonials We get it. Every law firm claims that they’re “the best.” And while we do think we’re pretty darn good at what we do (Internet, business and defamation law), you probably want to hear from others who’ve retained our legal services. Do we deliver? Are we discreet? Are our prices ...
    Business Bankruptcy Lawyers in Arizona You won’t be billed fluff administrative hours when you retain Kelly / Warner for your Internet, business and defamation law needs. Our law firm take full advantage of the best digital communication tools, so that you – the client – are always up-to-date ...

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Celebrity Defamation Update: Wolf & Bobby For The Win!
Apr 17, 2014
Toupee Is At The Center Of Hollywood Celebrity Defamation Lawsuit Celebrity defamation lawsuits involving Hollywood movie studios are usually good for a laugh. The latest involving The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception. Andrew Greene – a former Stratton ...
Lexmark v. Static Control: SCOTUS’ New False Advertising Standard
Apr 16, 2014
A recent Supreme Court ruling resulted in a criteria change regarding lawsuits for false advertising. The case, Lexmark v. Static Control, and the new ruling have created a consistent national rule for those who can sue for false advertising under ...
Revenge Porn Update: Illinois’ New Law
Apr 11, 2014
Revenge porn, defined as knowingly distributing prurient videos or photographs without consent, is on the rise – and lawmakers are moving quickly to stomp out the scourge. Many states have already moved to eradicate revenge porn from their borders – ...
Twitter Defamation: Turkish Officials v. Twittering Turks
Apr 02, 2014
Turkish politicians cried Twitter defamation and shut down the social media site after leaked recordings surfaced via the social media network Social media clampdown came right before Turkish elections Are Twitter quips considered defamatory in the United States? Twitter defamation ...
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